Here's the Transcript of Winnie the Pooh meets Big Time Rush (Full Movie)

"Story Begins"

(It's start when the boys runs from the Girls' Field Hockey Team, that all happens a minute ago)

Kendall: Opportunities like this come once in a lifetime, and when they do, you gotta grab it and turn that ting big time.

Logan: Turn it, and I predict a 90% change of bodily harm, and I'm talking about us, not them.

Carlos: Wimp.

(He put his helmet on the try to turn it on)

Carlos: HUHH! (Grunts) It's stuck.

James: I had my pop star dream again last night. This This time, I was wearing my lucky white V-neck, and I sang a Smokey Robinson song. (Singings) Tracks of my tears, ey, ey. What are we doing?

Kendall: A janitor left the t-bar in the sprinkler valve, and do and do you want help us soak the Girl's Field Hockey Team?

James: Yeah.

(Kendall and James join with Carlos and they look at Logan)

Logan: I gotta get new friends.

(They turn on sprinkler and girls got mad at them)

Boys: (Laughing)

Girls: (Screams)

Kendall: And now we run.

Boys: Whoa!

(They start to run, and girls is following them in anger)

Carlos: Whoo! Whoo!

James: This is what it's gonna be like when I'm famous. Only, the girls won't be trying to kill me.

(Girls still running and the boys are hiding in the garbage bin, and Carlos eating a old sandwich)

Carlos: (Muffled Grunt) Uhh.

Kendall: Go, go, go, go!

(They boys got out and continuing running, and the stop at the quarter, and the girls got them and started to attacked them)

Kendall: Whoa. Timeout!

(The girls stopped)

Kendall: Give James the Helmet. We gotta protect the face.

Carlos: Right.

(Carlos give the helmet to James, and he put it on)

James: I love you guys.

Kendall: Time in.

(And The girls attack the boys, and cut the next scene when Gustavo arrive at Paramount Theater)

Gustavo: Where am I, and why am I freezing?

Kelly: You're in Minnesota.

Gustavo: What's up, Minnesota?!

(the girls are screaming)

Gustavo: I hate all of them. And the state for freezing my latte, I need a bigger coat.

Kelly: It's our last stop, so just focus and try not to make everybody cry. somewhere here is your next big star. I can feel it.

Gustavo: I'm the Star! What I need is a canvas with great hair that I can pain the pomp on. I need a singing block of wood that I can set on fire, so please tell me, where in, uh--

Kelly: Minnesota.

Gustavo: Where in Minnesota is my Fire?!

"Winnie the Pooh meets the boys"

(Cut to a scene when Pooh and his pals comes in)

Tigger: Water... Water!

Pooh: Honey... Honey!

Sunset Shimmer: I'm so tired, and hungry.

Human Pinkie Pie: Well, I'm nor hungry, I just thirsty.

Human Rainbow Dash: (Sighs)

Rabbit: It's end I told you. We're lost.. fried on the desert sun.

Piglet: Uh, excuse me.

Rabbit: Scorch, in the ceiling sand. We're...

(Rabbit lands on budget of water)

Rabbit: Parch, in the water's wasteland. We're, we're... Doesn't everyone have a towel?

(Later at Kendall's house, the boys are in a pain)

Kendall: Ow.

All: (all groaning)

(the boys are watching TV)

Kendall: Pussycat Dolls make the pain go away.

James: I'm gonna marry her someday.

Logan: You're gonna marry Nicole Scherzinger? How?

Kendall & Carlos: No, No, No, No!

(James stan on the table)

James: I'm gonna be famous, sing to sold-out arenas, have, like, 5 house, (Singings) Make the girls go crazy! And then marry Nicole.

Logan: Are you done? Please be done.

James: No, 'cause here's the part where I shake the booty.

(James shake his's butt at Logan)

James: (Singings) I'm gonna be famous, gonna marry Nicole.

Kendall: Carlos.

Carlos: Got it.

(He put his helmet on and attack James)

Carlos: UHH!

Pooh: Hello..... It's everyone here?

Kendall: Hello there.

Logan: Who are you, nice people?

Pooh: Well, this is Piglet, Tigger and Rabbit. Sunset Shimmer, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinke Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Eeyore.

Eeyore: Thanks of knowing.

Pooh: And I Winnie the Pooh.

Tigger: Yep. (Laughs) That's our names. Now who are you?

Kendall: Oh, I'm Kendall, and that's Logan.

Logan: Hi.

Kendall: And the one's who in the back are fighting is James and Carlos

James & Carlos: Hello.

(The James and Carlos are still fight each other)

Kendall: So, Pooh, what's brings you and you're friends here on this find night?

Pooh: Well, my tummy is rumbling, so it came over to your' place for something sweet. I'm just here to keep it company. And my friends just here to keep me company.

Piglet: Uh, Kendall. I'm just had a one question, why those two are fighting?

Logan: 'Cause, there fighting for something about famous or something.

James: NO IT'S NOT!!!

Kendall: Cave for some TV?

Rabbit: Sure, we love watch some TV.

Human Applejack: Hey, it's everyone see Tigger?

Pooh: No clue, Applejack.

(Tigger comes in)

Tigger: Hey, guys. Everyone see "Pooh-Boy"? thought I herd him.

Pooh: You did, Tigger. And I'm here. under here.

Sunset Shimmer: So what you four watching?

Logan: We're just watching some music channel.

(Tigger just toke a remote)

Kendall: hey, we're just...

Tigger: Hey, look at this.

Human Applejack: Hey, why you...

Pooh: Hey, I love the...

Tigger: Naw, this's better.

Piglet: Or, we go back what they watching.

Human Fluttershy: Yeah, it'll be nice if you turn it back.

Tigger: Find, ok.

(Tigger turn back to the music channel)

Men: Do you wanna be a pop star?

James: Yes.

Men: Well, today's your chance if you're in Minnesota. Are you ready?

James: I'm in Minnesota.

Girl: I'm gonna be the next Gewn Stefan!

Kendall: That's Jenny Tinkler from homeroom.

Men: Gustavo Rocque, nineties mega-producer of bands like: Boyquake, Boyz in the Attic, and Boyzcity is lookin' for his next pop superstar, but he's even more famous for his quote in "Rolling Stone," when he said... "I could turn a dog into a pop star."

James: I sing better than a dog.

Human Rainbow Dash: Really?

James: Yeah.

Men: Sign-ups are until 5 PM, so if pop star is on...

(Everyone is look at the clock)

(Clock chimes)

Kendall: Call all moms now.

(The boys get there phone out)

Men: You still have time. I'm sway...

Boys: Mom, call me when you get this message. We need are ride real bad.

(They put their phones down and wait)

James: Ring!

Tigger: Ok, nothing is happening.

Human Pinkie Pie: Maybe we called a taxi.

Rabbit: Pinkie, where gonna find a taxi, in the time like this?

Human Pinkie Pie: Well...

(Then Carlos' Phone ring and he answer it)

Carlos: I got it. Hello. Yeah. Uh-huh. Ok, great. Get here as fast as you can.

(He hand up)

James: Your mom's coming!

Carlos: No, but this nice lady's sending her crew over to give us a free estimate on aluminum siding.

(Then James attack Carlos and fighting again)

James: AAH!

Human Rainbow Dash: They're fighting again.

Eeyore: It figuress.

Human Fluttershy: Now how we get to the theater on time?

Human Rarity: Doesn't anyone had a idea or something?

Pooh: (Thinking)

Logan: Kendall!

Kendall: Logan has a learner's permit.

(The two boys stop fighting, again)

Tigger: Really, I thought he's need an adult for that?

Logan: Tigger's right, I need an an adult in the car with me and a car.

James: Kendall, do something.

Kendall: What are you lookin' at me for? Logan's the genius.

Logan: What--I panic under pressure, and then you always come up with the answer.

Piglet: Really, Logan?

Logan: Yeah, he's alway do that.

Kendall: What? That is so not true, and--I know how to get there.

Tigger: How?

(Cut a scene at Mrs. Majkowski's house)

Kendall: All you have to do is sit in the car. Logan'll drive, and we'll shovel your walkway for free all winter long.

(They carry her into her car)

(The boys are talking in the same time)

Sunset Shimmer: Hurry, Hurry! It's 4:35, LET'S GO!

Tigger: Go, go, go!

"The Auditions"

(Cut to the theater)

Woman 1#: (Singing) And I'm so in love with you.

Gustavo: Your singing makes me wanna dance. Off of a cliff! NEXT!

(to the next person)

Men 1#: (Singing) Thunder.

Gustavo: NEXT!

(Next person)

Men 2#: (Singing) I love life more than anyone, Doo Doo Doo.

Gustavo: Get off the stage!

(Next person)

Men 3#: (Voice vibrating)

(Next Person)

Men 4#: (Voice Vibrating)

(Gustavo is try to get rid of that guy, but Kelly stopped him)

Kelly: No! No--NEXT!

(And now, a dog)

Dog: (Ruffing)

Gustavo: That's actually the best singing we've heard all day. NEXT!

(They go to the next person, the next, the next, and the next)

Gustavo: Listen here, sister. That's the worst singing I've ever heard in my LIFE!

(And that lady walks away)

Kelly: You, know these people have feelings, right?

Gustavo: Oh, neat. Guess what I have. 29 PLATINUM RECORDS! I don't need feelings. What I need is the guy the record company paid me a million dollars to find to make my fire. And if you and I do not find him or her, WE"RE FIRED! Keep walking! Don't stop at the microphone! Just keep walking! And good-bye.

Kelly: Don't worry. sign-ups are until 5:00, and it's one minute till 5:00.

Gustavo: BAAAAH!

(And the Boys, Pooh and his friends are arrive)

James: Get out! Get out! Get out! Get out! Come On! Hurry Up! Come on!

Human Rainbow Dash: Come on, James, GO!

Human Fluttershy: Please hurry!

Boy: GO! GO! GO! Come on!

(Then James made it on time)

James: My mane is James Diamond, And I--I wanna be famous. (Singing) Whoa, oh-- Ow!

Kelly: Fill out the rest of this sheet and wait for your number to be called.

(The rest come in)

(Everyone chearing)

Tigger: (Laughs) Now, that's what I called speed.

Carlos: Yes! I told you.

Jenny: This is madness! I'm a star! I'm gonna be next Gwen Stefani! Oh, hey Guys.

Boys: Hey, Jenny.

Jenny: And nice friends, too.

Pooh: Thanks.

Jenny: He's evil. I'm a star! A star!

(They take her away)

Kelly: You, name.

Logan: Me?

Kelly: Mm-Hmm.

Logan: Oh, no, thank you. I'm gonna be a doctor.

Kelly: Yeah, well, I'm a desperate talent scout, and you have a cut smile, and Justin Timberlake made $44 million dollars last year.

Logan: Hit me.

Carlos: I wanna be famous, too. (Singing) Whoa, oh. Yes.

Kelly: You, Yellow bear, you and your pals want yours dreams to come true today?

Pooh: Well, no miss, we're just here to see these guy came get it or not.

Tigger: Yeah, we're not feel like to sing you, know.

Rabbit: That's right.

Girls: Hey!

Tigger: Well, you know I mean.

Kelly: Oh, ok, than.

(and goes to Kendall)

Kelly: You, Tall, blond, and eyebrows, you want your dreams to come true today?

Kendall: Sorry. My dream is to play center for the Minnesota Wild, but I'll also consider the Maple Leafs.

Kelly: Ah. (Go to James) 810 is next.

James: (Gulps)

(James switch tags with Logan)

James: Oh, look. You're next.

Rabbit: Doesn't everyone see that what James did?

Human Rainbow Dash: Uh, Rabbit. You're crazy.

Rabbit: (Sighs)

Carlos: Dude, you don't sing.

Logan: Carlos, that was the worst pep talk in history. Luckily I'm a genius. I'll think of something.

Tigger: Really, like what?

Logan: It's easy, Tigger. It's all about famous songs. Kendall.

Kendall: Beat Box.

Logan: Got it.

(Logan goes in there)

Tigger: I'm had to ask.

(at the theater)

Logan: (Beat Boxing) (Imitates record scratching)

Gustavo: (Singing) Wakka-chicka, Wakka-chicka,Wakka-chicka. STOP! Stop it forever.

Logan: Uh, I just started.

Gustavo: And now you're finished, But I'm not, because I wanna tell you what else you are!

(Logan got out of there and he got scared)

Gustavo: (Voice) Get Back here! I have bad words, and I wanna use on them on you! I wanna make fun of you...

Human Applejack: It's something wrong, ya?

Logan: Don't go in there.

Human Pinkie Pie: Why?

Logan: Well, he--he--he's satan. He's satan with bug-eyed sunglasses.

Eeyore: If you ask me, that no body listen, he should be a niceness person in world.

Logan: I'm wish, Eeyore, I'm wish.

(He act like a baby)

(Kelly pops up)

Kelly: 811. 811's up.

(James doing same thing with Carlos)

Carlos: All you, buddy. Go get 'em. Yeah.

Rabbit: See, see. James' did it again.

Human Rainbow Dash: Okay, Rabbit. Now you scaring me.

Pooh: It's true Rabbit, you're being strange.

(Carlos is next to go in there)

Sunset Shimmer: Alright, Carlos. You got this

Carlos: Thanks.

(Carlos is up and he start to do his ting)

Carlos: (Singing) Hoo, Hoo, Hoo.

(Fart sound)

(Gustavo got mad)

Gustavo: Hu-ehh!

Kelly: No!

(Carlos got out in a happy mode)

Human Fluttershy: Well...

Carlos: Not goin' to Hollywood.

Eeyore: It figuress.

(Kelly pops out again)

Kelly: 812. 812's up.

(James did it to Kendall, but he stop him)

Kendall: James this is your dream, not mine. Remember, opportunities like this come once in a lifetime.

Human Rainbow Dash: Yeah, we make as band and our band is our dream.

Pooh: Yeah, like I'm always dream to eat honey every time, and it already came true.

Rabbit: Uh, how you think of honey, in the time like this?

Pooh: I'm Practice.

Kendall: They're right, you know. Now grab on to that dream with both hands and go big time.

(Now James is up, and he's walking up into the stage)

Gustavo: Well, he's not hideous.

(The James started to sing)

James: (Singing) People say I'm the life of the party because I tell a joke a joke or two.

(Boys and Pooh and his pals are watching him sing)

Mrs. Majkowski: Not bad.

James: (Still singing) Although I might be laughin' loud and hearty, deep inside, I know-- (Coughs)

Gustavo: Stop. Stop.

James: I'm sorry. I got a l-- a little nervous there. Can I start over?

Gustavo: Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Start over. Why don't you, uh, go outside and then just don't come back in. Ok? NEXT!

Tigger: (gasp and gibbers) What?! 

Piglet: What?!  

Pooh: What?! 

Rabbit: What?! 

Eeyore: Huh?! 

Sunset Shimmer: What?!

Human Pinke Pie: Wha--

(Human Applejack zip Human Pinke Pie)

James: But I'm good.

Gustavo: I don't need good. I need the fire, ok? I need someone to knock me out of my seat, and as you tall tell, I'm still in it, because you have no talent!

Kendall: No Talent?!

(Kendall walks to Gustavo)

Sunset Shimmer: Something tell's me this's not good.

Kendall: No Talent?! You're the one with no talent. You haven't had a hit in 10 years.

Gustavo: Hey, "Girl to my Heart" by Boyquake was a hit 9 years ago.

Kendall: Oh, "Girl to my Heart." Let me see if I can remember that rock classic. (Singing) Girl, my eyes, and, girl, my mind, it never stops after it starts, 'cause you're a girl, a girl, a girl to my heart, heart.

(He push Gustavo)

Kelly: Whoa! Whoa! Security!

Kendall: Hey, here's a new hit for you. (singing again) Oh, you're such a turd, oh, yeah, a giant turd, and you look like a turd, and smell like a turd.

(some guy grab him)

Kendall: Hey, get off me. come on. get off me.

Carlos: Quick. What's the worst that could happen if we try and break him free?

Logan: Uh, J-Juvenile, one prior for mooning. 20 hours community service.

Carlos: We can live with that.

Human Applejack: It's time to use our elements of Harmony, girls.

Human Rainbow Dash: Yeah, let's get them!

Rabbit: Take no prisoner.

Sunset Shimmer: Chat!!

(They run off the save Kendall)

Logan: Oh.

Carlos: AAH! Yeah, how do you do you like that, fluffy?!

(James join the attack, too)

James: AAH!

Logan: I gotta get new friends.

(the rest of them join the attack, and all cut into Kendall's house with the cops, and Mrs. Knight answer the door)

Kendall: Mom, remember that time I save you from chocking? Wow,that was close. And I love you.

(Mrs. Knight is mad at them)

Mrs. Majkowski: I feel so alive.

Human Rainbow Dash: If jus me, or this gonna be badly here.

Tigger: I think they're in big trouble.

Sunset Shimmer: Double trouble.

Pooh: Oh, bother.

"It's Kendall"

(The inside the living room)

Carlos: Dude, how did you know those songs?

Kendall: They play Boyquake on the Nineties channel all day at work, And I made up "The Giant Turd Song."

Logan: That was chatchy.

Tigger: Not bad song.

Pooh: I'm couldn't agree more.

(Then Mrs. Knight and Katie comes in)

Mrs. Knights: What happened? The truth. Now.

Logan: Mrs. Majkowski helped us try to make James famous.

Rabbit: And....

Logan: Sorry, Rabbit. And these guys helped too.

Carlos: But this producer guy was super mean to everyone.

Kendall: So I sang him The Giant Turd song, and there was a tiny fight, but nobody got hurt.

James: And now I'm really sad.

Mrs. Knight: Ok. Who want's a sandwich?

All: Ooh, yes.

Tigger: Oh, I'm want one! Me,me,me,me,me,me,me!

Katie: Wait. That's it? That's your inerrogation? You didn't put the screws to 'em or slap 'em with the hard cheese.

Mrs. Knight: I don't know what you're talking about, but you are not allowed to watch Fox Anymore.

Katie: (gasp) Well, can I least know who are these guys?

Pooh: Ok, this is Piglet, Tigger and Rabbit. Sunset Shimmer, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinke Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Eeyore.

Eeyore: Thanks for knowing.

Pooh: And I Winnie the Pooh, and you must be Katie, right?

Katie: Yeah. And can I hear "The Giant Turd Song," too? 

Boys: (Singing) Oh, you're such a turd, oh, yeah, a giant turd, and you look like a turd, and smell like a turd.

 (Doorbell rings)  

Rabbit: Someone is ring the door bell.

Tigger: We better answer it.

(Th Pooh and the rest the gang answer the door, and the boys still singing)

Boys: (Still Singing) Oh, you're such a turd, oh, yeah, a giant turd, and you look like a turd-

(They opened the door)

All: (Screams)

(Pooh and his pals gasp and hide)

Pooh: Excuse me?

(It's Gustavo and Kelly)

Human Pinkie Pie: Wait. What they doing here?

Sunset Shimmer: I don't know, Pinkie.

Rabbit: Yeah, what are they here for?

James: Yes! (He give Gustavo a hug) I knew you'd came back for me.

Gustavo: I'm not here for you. I'm here for him. (He point at Kendall)

Tigger: (gasp and gibbers) What?!

Piglet: What?!  

Pooh: What?! 

Rabbit: What?! 

Eeyore: Huh?! 

Sunset Shimmer: What?!

The Human Mane 5: What?!

James: What?

The rest of the Boys: What?!

Mrs. Knight: (Voice-over) I'll make some tea.

(At the living room)

Gustavo: Mrs. Knight, I wanna take your Family and Kendall's New friends to Los Angeles and Produce some demo tracks with Kendall.

Kendall: You can't be serious.

Human Rainbow Dash: You're got to be kidding me, you're kidding, right?

Kelly: It'll take 3 months. We'll take care of all of your expenses.

Gustavo: Kendall, you have a gift. You have the fire. You also have anger management issues. Some people say I have anger management issues, but I also have have 5 HOUSES!

Tigger: You know, he's need to control his angers.

James: (Singing) People say I'm the life of the party, becau--

Gustavo: Stop it.

James: Ok.

Gustavo: Please. Don't ever do that again.

James: Yeah.

Gustavo: Thank you.

Sunset Shimmer: Wait. Why you want us to come?

Tigger: Yeah, we told you we don't feel like singing.

Gustavo: Well, you guys look like giving me good lock, and it'll help me to get demos ready for Kendall.

Human Fluttershy: Really?

Gustavo: Yeah, plus, you're all ready cool.

Tigger: Thank you.

Gustavo: You're welcome.

Kelly: Kendall, we've traveled to 22 cities. We've auditioned over 20,000 people.

Human Rainbow Dash: Wait. I thought you guys went the hole country and auditioned 322,000,000 people.

Gustavo: We don't have a enough money to do all the city in this country.

Human Rainbow Dash: Oh.

Kelly: Anywhere, the point is, that's doesn't matter, because Gustavo's picked you.

Kendall: But I'm not a singer.

Katie: You sing all the time--In the car, at the table. You sing to me when I can't sleep at night.

Kendall: No, I don't.

Mrs. Knight: Yes, you do, honey.

Katie: When you shovel at the driveway. When you answered the door 2 minutes ago.

Pooh: It's ture, Kendall, we're hear you during that.

Kendall: But that's not singing, Pooh.

Mrs. Knight: Yes, it is, honey.

Katie: And he's always singing along to the Nineties Channel.

Kendall: Katie!

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