Here's a transcript of Winnie the Pooh says Twas the Night


(The movie starts at Winnie the Pooh and The Justice Acre Wood Brood) waiting for Lincoln and his sisters)

  • Rabbit: What's taking Lincoln and his sister so long? He said they'll be here.
  • Timmy Turner: Don't worry, Rabbit. I sure Ronny Robinson is getting then right now.
  • Human Applejack: Well good thing we have a Power Ranger on our side. Besides, I couldn’t get these kids up myself.
  • Human Rarity: Well I don't sleep in a time like this.
  • Cosmo: So, where are they now?
  • Piglet: Hey, I see then now!

(Then, Ronny Robinson comes in with Lincoln and his sisters)

  • Ronny Robinson: Hello, guys!
  • Rabbit: It's about time! What's taking you guys so long?
  • Lincoln: Well...
  • Piglet: Oh, Lincoln, you overslept again, didn't you?
  • Leni: Wow, how did you know that, Piglet?
  • Tigger: Because, it's the thought that counts, Leni-Girl! 
  • Lynn: We tried t wake him up.  
  • Cosmo: I know why, he’s a big sleeper like Wanda! (Laughs) I’m keep quite now.  
  • Wanda: Am not! 
  • Lola: We tried to wake him up?  
  • Lana: Yeah, but he never listen to any of us until Ronny showed up. 
  • Ronny Robinson: It’s the good thing I’m went to their place wake them up. 
  • Eeyore: If you ask me, that nobody is. Where's Lucy?  

(The Lucy just came out of nowhere)  

  • Lucy: Hi. (scares everyone) Dang it.  
  • Tigger: Do you have to do that, Lucy?  
  • Lynn: Yeah, would it kill ya to not put us in our graves?  
  • Lucy: I rather wear pink.
  • Eeyore: It figures.  
  • Voice: Hey! We're here!
  • Lola: Well, would you look at that.

(Then Tino and his friends arrived)

  • Tino Tonitini: Hey, guys!
  • Winnie the Pooh: Oh, hello Tino!
  • Tish: Sorry we're late.
  • Tigger: We wouldn't start without you guys.
  • Human Fluttershy: We're best friends, after all.
  • Carver René Descartes: So are we ready to go, because Simba, Sunset Shimmer, Sora and Tommy are waiting for us.  
  • Tigger: So, let’s get this show on the--  
  • Familiar Voice: (Voice) WAIT?!?  
  • Human Pinkie Pie: Who said that?  
  • Familier Voice: (Voice) We did!  
  • Tigger: Well, what you know!

(Then Ronnie Anne Santiago, Bobby Santiago and Clyde McBride arrived)

  • Lincoln: Ronnie Anne.
  • Ronnie Anne Santiago: Hey, lamo.
  • Bobby Santiago: Babe.
  • Lori: Bobby.
  • Ronny Robinson: Wait, you know those guys?
  • Lori: Bobby's my boyfriend.
  • Otis: Yeah, we meet then a really long time ago.
  • Tino Tonitini: He's right, you know. They are friends of ours.
  • Tigger: Hay, wait of minute! You four meat then before?
  • Tish Katsufrakis: Yeah! We knew since we were with Pocahontas.
  • Abby: She is right, me and others with then when Lincoln introduce us.
  • Winnie the Pooh: No kidding, we once meat their friends in our first Christmas with then, and they introduce us.
  • Ronny Robinson: I see.
  • Lincoln: Ronny, I wanna you to meet our good friends. Ronnie Anne Santiago, Bobby Santiago and Clyde McBride.
  • Clyde McBride: Nice to meet you, Ronny.
  • Ronny Robinson: Ronnie Anne knows Lincoln because they're boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • Lincoln and Ronnie Anne: No we're not.
  • Cosmo: Right.
  • Wanda: We know that you're boyfriend and girlfriend is that you two are blushing.
  • Ronnie Ann: Yeah right.
  • Lincoln: Me and her? No way
  • Rabbit: Keep telling yourselves that.
  • Lor McQuarrie: I hate to interrupt, but it's time to get our friends.
  • Tigger: Gasp! She's right, we suppost have a reunion and we need to get Simba, Sora and the others. Come on!
  • Tino Tonitini: I think you and your fairies should come with us guys.
  • Ronnie Anne Santiago: Really?
  • Winnie the Pooh: Oh, yes! They'll be thrilled to meet you three.
  • Otis: Well then. Let's go.

(Then, Pooh, Tino and the others on their way to meet up with Simba and the others)  

  • Timon: Tim brand!! (laughs) Sorry, Simba. But you know are you the wet one who so big. Up, Pumba. (Pumba drag Tromo to dane) You a guineas!  

(Than, Spike the dog comes in)

  • Sci-Twi: Where have you bing?
  • Spike the Dog: Sorry, Twilight. I just try get some food for Christmas. Anyways, what I miss?
  • Sunset Shimmer: We're still waiting for my boyfriend, Pooh and the others because they have Zordon has a special Christmas mission for us.
  • Simba: I wonder what’s keeping them?
  • Sora: Best me, Simba. But I’m sure they’ll be here soon.
  • Goofy: Yeah!
  • Skipper: Well they better hurry. They're risking Private comminity college fund
  • Private: I'll never be president.
  • Riku: I really want to fight some bad guys right now.
  • Timon: There's no need for that, so we got to do something while we wait for the others to get here in time for our next adventure.
  • Donald Duck: I don't know, I don't care.
  • Pumbaa: Did they tell you what they’re up to, Donald?
  • Donald Duck: They're bring a new friends.
  • Tommy Oliver: Really?
  • Kairi: Wow, new friends.
  • Kolwaski: But wait, we don't know what they look like.
  • Skipper: That's right, we don't know what they are nice or not.
  • Mickey Mouse: Oh relax guys, there's no mead for that. I'm sure they are really good friends.
  • Simba: (Laughs) I think we should wait until they get here, so they can tell us themselves.
  • Spike the Dog: Yeah, he's right. It’s not a good thing to carry away.
  • Timon: I agree with Spike. You can't judge a perskn by his appearances.
  • Sora: Never judge a book by its cover.
  • Genie: I hope so too.
  • Pumba: Hey I see them coming!

(Than Pooh, Tino and his friends had arrived)

  • Winnie the Pooh: Well, we're here.
  • Billy: Hey guys, sorry we’re late.
  • Sci-Twi: It’s fine, Billy. Everybody is late sometime.
  • Timon: So what’s taking you guys so long?
  • Lor: We had some new friends, we like you to meet.
  • Timmy: Who?

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