Winter on Sodor is a new episode.


When Bob, Thomas and their team build a ski lift on Observatory Hill, Scoop and James take to the slopes.


Snowboarding/Bob's plan

One day, Mila and Jay-Jay are practicing their snow-boarding skills with Skye Samson. The team, Thomas and the gang watch them from afar and James asks what they're up to. Thomas explains that they're snowboarding and Scoop and James excitedly exclaim that they wish they could go snowboarding, with Scoop accidentally knocking the head off Leo's snowman. He tells Scoop to be careful and Scoop apologizes. Ryan said it's ok and "going by my time with Rapunzel as Ryapunzel, we'll forgive you.". Skye arrives with the kids




  • /
  • /
  • /Building the Ski lift
  • Snowboard training


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