This is when the villains saw Tino, and Humans Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy already took down Athena and seal the keyhole in Destiny Hearts.

(Cut to the mysterious place where the villains are gathered)

Shredder: How in blazes did the Commonless get the foolish idea to invade that pitiful speck of a planet without us commanding them to do so?

Bowser: Eh, blame Athena, the little wretch. I told her 'dat summoning that kind of dark magic without proper protection was a bad idea, but did she listen to me? Nope, she had to get her power-lust satisfied by any means and now look where it's gotten her! Dead and with one of our best Boss-type Commons also biting the dust!

Kurumu Kurono: (laughs) Yeah! And she had the gall to call herself a goddess when even a Stealth Sneak at a measly power level of 1,000 could stomp her flat!

Shredder: Hmph. A weak hearted fool like her should never have been included into our ranks as an Acolyte, much less stand even a chance against the corruptive powers of the Commonless. But the boy is still a problem. He has found another one of the keyholes.

Bowser: Ah don't worry 'bout it, it'll take 'im AGES to find them all at the rate he's goin'! Besides, he still hasn't figured out what's really been goin' on all this time...

Aria Blaze: Yes, the collection of the fabled princesses...

Bowser: One by one, we'll get 'em all right into our claws thanks to the little brat leading them right to us. And 'den, nothin'll stop us from opening the Door to Darkness and conquerin' all the worlds for our might!

(Yuri was here being tied up)

Bowser: Though speakin' of which, I 'dink it's time we took our little guest to her place in the puzzle, wouldn't you agree, boys?

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