Wolf W. Wolf is the tritagonist of Hoodwinked. He's voiced by Patrick Warburton, who also does Kronk and others.

Wolf, investigative reporter and master of disguise, is really a mysteryman. There is not much known about his early life, only that that he was possibly living with and raised by wolves.

Though known as “Big Bad Wolf”, he is neither, neither so big and neither so bad as it would seem at first sight. Wolf can look quite uncouth, dry and blunt, he is sarcastic and he often comes up with witty remarks. Though being quite clueless with a comic relief at times, Wolf can be fairly smart and resourcefull when things go wrong. In the second movie, Wolf showed himself to be rather bombastic, feeling overconfident and thinks that he can do everything by himself, and being really wild-card.

Wolf is actually a very determinate, bold and good guy from the bone with a heart on the right side, willing to help and protect the others, including saving Red, helping to rescue her Granny, saving the situation and eventually make the happy ending. He is a very good and close friend to Twitchy the squirrel. in the end he is a wire inspector who inspect's the building that the bad guy is in.


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