Thomas:[Sees a huge castle on a big mountain] Guys i think we've reached the place.

Fluttershy:[sees the place] OMG you don't see a place so beautiful like this i mean it might not be christmas decorated but it still is beautiful.

Captain:Ladies and gentleman we've reached our destination.

[music theme enters as shrek,puss in boots,donkey twilight sparkle,pinkie pie,fluttershy,thomas [a friend of twilight's] ,princess cadence,applejack rarity and shining armor stand outiside of the palace.

Twilight sparkle:Wow the place is so beautiful i can't wait to meet arthur and we can become one.

Rarity:Hold your horses lover girl i know you and he had a crush on each other since you were both little.

Rainbow dash:Yeah at least we'll get to see arthur and you get married at the end of the film but calm down twilight.

Shining armor:Easy there twiley i know you're excited about meeting your true love but you have to calm down and approach him.

Donkey:Worcestesarah well that sounds fancy!.

Twilight sparkle:[facepalming] Donkey i can't believe you don't know how the school my boyfriend lives is called it's Worcesteshire.

Pinkie pie:Yeah i's kind of like the sauce but it's a high school.

[bridge drops near the group as twilight smiled politely entering first saying to the nervous group]

Twilight sparkle:Don't be afraid Guys enter inside nobody will hurt you.

Shrek:Your higness the people who allowed us to enter might know you.

[But some boys and girls get scared of shrek's appearance and they flee away]

Donkey:I'm begining to feel a little nauseous with all this wedgies around.

Twilight sparkle:Donkey since when you had wedgies and i never knew it.

Donkey:Some things your majesty should be better unsaid.

Guinevere:So i was like i'd rather get the black plague and lock myself in an iron maiden then go out with you [looks at tiffany amused]

Tiffany:Oh totally!.

Twilight sparkle:Pardon us ladies but have you happened to see a boy named Arthur pendragon somewhere here?.

Guinevere:Who are you?.

Twilight sparkle:Seriously i forgot to introduce myself!.

Shining armor:Oh jesus!.

Twilight sparkle:My name is Twilight sparkle i was the Princess of Equestria but now i will be the future Queen of far far away by marrying arthur.

[But she said it too loud and it caught the attention of all the boys and girls who looked at her shocked and surprised which made her and her group feel ackward but especially her since she doesn't wants much public attention]

Twilight sparkle:[blushing embarassingly] I said that too loud eh?.

Shining armor:I think yes!.

Guinevere:[Bows down before twilight and says to tiffany] Tiffany she's gonna be a Queen you have to bow down in front of her [looks at twilight] Your higness.

Tiffany:Your honourable excellancy welcome to our humble school called worcesteshire.

Twilight sparkle:Thank you!.

Guinevere:My name's Guinevere but your higness you can call me Gwen and this is my sister Tiffany [pushes tiffany on the arms and says to her] Don't be frightened sis tell her hi.

Tiffany:Hello your majesty.

Twilight sparkle:My it's a pleasure to meet You dear Guinevere and Tiffany but we need your help.

Guinevere:Anything Your higness we can help you with everything.

Twilight sparkle:Well i'm looking for my boyfriend named Arthur Pendragon is he somewhere here?.

Tiffany:I think your higness the last time we saw him was at the toilet to do his buisiness but now i think he is at the jousting team with our brother [walks with her older sister away and says to twilight] Always a pleasure to meet you Your higness

Twilight sparkle:[smiles happily] See? I told you everyone changed in the school if it hadn't been my mother to make them realise their mistakes everything wouldn't be so peaceful now.

Rarity:I agree with you darling but we must ask more informacion we don't know where is the jousting team.

Twilight Sparkle:PIece of cake we'll go aks those two boys there [walks with the group] Hello young ones i'm twilight sparkle the future queen of far far away.

Xavier: [curtsies bowing down along with Gary] Your higness we're glad to see You here now what was the question You want to ask us?.

Twilight Sparkle:Well i'm searching for my boyfriend Arthur pendragon Is he at the jousting team?.

Xavier:Yes your higness He wanted to see you.

Twilight sparkle:[sees two boys talking while sitting on the horses on jousting team and walks closer]

Lancelot:Arthur You've never told me That you have a girlfriend.

Arthur:That's because you didn't asked me.

Lancelot:Greetings Your higness i'm sir lancelot king of the school and winner of all the ladies's hearts [looks at rarity who smiled blushing].

Twilight sparkle:A pleasure to meet you sir lancelot Can i speak to arthur for a minute or i'll speak to him in the academy?.

Lancelot:You can speak to him right now of course your higness anyways i'll be going to my girlfriend.

Twilight sparkle:[after hugging arthur] Are you allright dear?.

Arthur:[smiles and huggs her] I'm allright now i'm so glad you came.

Rarity:Awww Young lovers destined together isn't it romantic spike?.

Spike:Yes it is pretty romantic rarity!.

Applejack:I knew those two would be great together and who knows [whispers] Maybe someday they'll have a beautiful daughter who'll be the princess of the kingdom.

Fluttershy:We should really start getting ready!.

Princess cadence:I sence another canterlot wedding is coming up.

Shining armor:Yes and i hope they will have that little daughter so i'll be an uncle.

Arthur:Twilight dear i want to ask you something that i wanted to ask you in my whole life.

Twilight Sparkle:Oh sweetheart you can ask me anything.

Rarity:I sence that he'll ask her a marriage proposal.

Pinkie pie:I'm sure that those two will be a great King and Queen of far far away.

Arthur:I'll be a king?.

Lancelot:You heard it dude yes you'll be a king and a wonderful one and now you can ask the marriage proposal but after the speech everyone wants to hear it.

Arthur:[to the crowd] My good people i believe there is a lesson for all of us next time somebody teases a girl and her boyfriend he/she stops to think hey maybe these guy and girl have feelings maybe i should cut them some slack cause maybe just maybe this guy and girl will be i don't know a King?

Twilight Sparkle:And A Queen?.

Arthur:And maybe their first royal degree will be to punish the people who used to pick up on them. [looks at the jousting team except lancelot] that's right i am looking at you jousting team [turns to twilight] And twilight oh twilight i always loved you.

Guinevere:Ha I knew it Hooray You own fifty bucks Tiffany.

Tiffany:[groans but hands the money] Here you go big sister and arthur tell her the thing you want to ask her.

Arthur:Twilight Sparkle Daughter of Queen Celestia and KIng Solaris will you do the honour of becoming my wife and become my Queen?.

Twilight Sparkle: [gasps shocked before hugging him] Yes of course i will arthur of course i'll marry you.

Guinevere:Hooray for the new king and queen of far far away.

Tiffany and the others:Hip Hip Hooray Hip Hip Hooray [Everyone cheers]

[Arthur and Twilight sparkle look at each other happily before kissing each other with passion not caring that the whole school even the principal were looking at them at first shocked before they will start applauding until arthur stops to say].

Arthur:You know we have an audience right dear?.

Twilight sparkle:Oops [hears the million claps and cheers erupted by the boys girls even the principal]

Donkey:I can't believe that twilight sparkle grew up to become a queen and now get married [breaks down in crying]

Puss in boots:Easy there my friend.

Shrek:Congratulations King Arthur and Queen Twilight Sparkle on your wedding but the boat is waiting for you.

[All of them board the boat and they leave the shores of worcesteshire and sail away].

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