World rings set by nibroc rock-daeu6e2

The World Rings (世界リング Sekai Ringu?) are a set of seven magical rings that appear in Sonic and the Secret Rings. They bind together the world of the Arabian Nights, although many residents of that world believe that they are a myth. They are similar to the Chaos Emeralds, such as their ability to enable transformations similar to a super transformation. The collector of the rings must be sacrificed in order to control their power. In the game, the evil Erazor Djinn used Sonic to get his hands on the rings, so that he could use them to conquer the Arabian Nights.


  • Blue - Prayers
    Purple - Sadness
    Red - Rage
    Green - Hatred
    Yellow - Joy
    Aqua - Pleasure
    White - Desire 

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