Worriz is a Leader of the Wolf Tribes in Chima

Worriz lived with the other wolves at the wolf camp and acted as the representative of the tribe. He doubted the existence of Legend Beasts.

In Worriz's youth, the wolf played with the other children from the other tribes at Forever Rock. He was present at Forever Rock when Cragger plugged an orb before his age of becoming and later played with Cragger after he was forbidden to see his best friend, Laval. During one of their games, Cragger offered to show Worriz the sacred pool, only for the wolf to flee at the first sign of guards.

Wolves are pack animals who live in such close quarters that they share a kind of hive mind. Group decisions are usually arrived at easily and unanimously, so there is no real need for leaders. However, the wolves’ transitory nature and traveling battle caravans often bring them into contact (and conflict) with other creatures, so someone in the tribe has to handle negotiations with “the others” (as all nonwolves are known). Worriz was given this role because he was considered “the most personable.” In reality, he is a vicious, ruthless backstabber. His only saving grace is that he is able to disguise his true nature long enough to fool the other creatures. He can even occasionally fake a bit of “charm” when needed. He is the closest thing the merciless wolves have to a “statesman,” but that’s not saying much.



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