(A Geep of soliders drive by Robbie ran to them)

Robbie: Stop Stop! Do You Have Room? Wait stop Let me on! Let me on! Give me a hand!

Twilight: Robbie wants to tell you something!

Littlefoot: Wait!

Robbie:Wait Stop! Stop! Give me an hand!

Soldiers:Watch it Kid! You're Gonna get youdelf run over!


Robbie:Do You have Room,

Ray: Robbie you wanna go in that directin

Robbie:Stop Wait!

Ray:Robbie There's nothing liveing in that direction!

Robbie: What do you care? You never gave a heck before! You never gave a Heck!

Ash: What is wrong with you robbie.

Boo Boo: Yeah!

Ray:Ok Hard-head what your plan? You're in charge now you tell me ehat we're doing.

Robbie:We Catch up to these soliders and we get back at them! We get back at them That's what we do!

Donald:Thay have shelids we cant fight them.

Tigger:Oh Yeah we can take them How will you know

Donald: Because of the lady that says they have sheilds

Tigger:Well i Don't Care

Donald,: Grrrrrrr

(Donald:Grap Tigger Stranging him)

Sora: Donald Stop!

Applejack:What are You Doing?

(Tigger and Donald look at each other and their mad faces disappear)

Tigger: I am sorry for what I said.

Donald: I am sorry too.

Ray: Well now let's try one that doesn't involve you 10 year old sister joining the army! You have anything like that?

Robbie: Why don't you just tell us the truth? You have no idea which way to go.You wanna come off all wise and shy, you only chose Boston because you hope Mom is there.And if she's there' you can dump us on her! You and dump us on her,and then you'll only have to care about youself, whic is exactly yhe way you like it!

Rachel:Robbie! Where are you trying to go? What are you trying to do? WHi's gonna take care of me if you go?

(Pooh and the others watched and Didnt say a world)

(In the van)

Raido:This is a test of the Emergency Alert System. If this had been an actural emergency, offical messges from federal state or local authorities would have followed the alert tone. This concludes the test of the Emergency Alert...

Ray:I Closed my eyes why don't you drive for a bit?

Robbie: I Don't have a license.

Ray:Since when has that stopped you?

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