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Wrath of the Country
is a movie that starts the beginning of season 4 in Brian and the Eeveelution Family's Adventures Chronicles. And it will be the last film in the chronicles.


Our heroes are having a vacation with Stuingtion's engines, Figge, and Hanah Streaker. And too make things more interesting, the Wubb Girlz have arrived for a concert! However, Leo returns! And he joins up with the villains and frees Daphne Blake and Tirek from an underground prison, and our heroes make a shocking discovering, an ooze that can turns the trains, into humans! And now, our heroes must save Earth one more, and discover the real truth about the Trainsformers, and face a new friend/turned enemy.


Opening crawl/Year's ago

The opening crawl starts telling the of our heroes adventures, but also explaining that the Trainsformers had been around during the time of Middle Earth. And it shows a battle of the Orcs who survived the Battle of Mordor, outnumbered, Legolas demands a retreat but Frodo tells him that Gandalf will come, and Aaragorn agrees. Gandalf arrives at a ship and there was Jedi Master Trainsformer, Gandalf requests him to help the man, elves, and dwarves to save Middle-Earth again. The old Trainsformer gives him his staff who shrinks to his size and he and other Trainsformers transform into giant robot-like insects who defeated the Orcs.

In the present/prison escape

In the present, it shows Thomas floating in space as the title appears. And later it takes us to a prison in Mexico where some men take a Mandalorian female as the warden explains that it's cold about the same temperature as snow fall. And takes them to a room of Tirek as an old man, inside some glass tubes, and they unmask her who reveals to be Daphne Blake! And they chain her in, later she fakes her death and frees Tirek, and with the help of Leo! And they all leave to a base, and revive Tirek with some energy crystals regaining his strength ready for some revenge. And they resurrect Ernie too.

In the ruins/Brian discovers the talisman

Meanwhile at the ruins, the foals enter a place that was destroyed from The Age of Empress Krone, where they find a huge creator in an abandoned football field. Then later an old ship where an old Trainbot inside and they he awakens and are surrounded by walkers and some clones troopers in Stormtrooper armor. But then, they are saved by Gabby and Ember who take them under a brakevan who is a Trainsformer. But after the walkers leave, several they've detected the Trainsformer, Ember, and the kids who mistaken that it's a threat. And a V-Wing flies in and takes him out! Gabby tells him to get up, but the Brakevan tells her thank you and dies. Then some troopers came by with a walker behind. Till Brian and Mucker arrive and kill the troopers, while Percy jumps in and destroys the walker. As Brian then tells Gabby to come, but refuses but Ember grabs her and tells her he's dead, as she cries. And they then leave, and Brian finds the old Trainbot who offers him to take a talisman and he dies. And contacts Percy they're coming out solo. But then, Mucker discovers some strange green ooze beside the Trainsformers body and takes it. But then arrives Starsmoke and some of the clone troopers, and place Brian under arrest and demands him to tell them where the others are. Brian tells him he doesn't know, till Percy arrives and saves them. Till Rex stops all of it, and explains it's a new world order. Brian then tells him if they push them, they push right back. And they leave. While Commander Cody tells Rex that they're all bad, but Rex says they aren't. Later, their general tells them that Starsmoke's been visiting Megatrain in an old garage and explains that he has the talisman, but he explains that Brian found it. Megatrain scolds him that they need to find the talisman to find the staff.

Thomas' arrival on Cybertrain/Angel Death corrupts Thomas

Later, Thomas crash lands somewhere and wakes up and wonders where he is. Then a mysterious voice tells him he's on Cybertrain, Thomas goes inside and sees that is a strange Transformer. She tells him, she's Angel Death, the descendant of Quintessa. Thomas then angrily races over to as he ignites his Lightsaber intending to kill her but before the blade can even touch her, Angel Death stops him with her powers and holds down by chains and hold by a larger Deceptitrain called: Leviathan (who transforms into a snake). And Thomas tells her she destroyed Cybertrain, but she grabs him and states the Trainsformers destroyed Cybertrain, and she slaps him and which gives him a red scar. And tells him he's gonna be her apprentice, and will do exactly what she will say.

At the villains' place/Solar Flare captured/Mucker's discovery

Meanwhile, out in a dark base, some Team Galactic grunts hed by Ernie (who had faked his death) tell him, they have him. They bring a bounded up figure to Tirek, and take a bag off of him, revealing to be King Solar Flare. And Tirek tells him it's an honor to meet him personal, face to face. While King Solar Flare notes while it is an honor to meet him in person, he wished it could've been in a different environment. But rather to see him here. Solar Flare tells him what he's doing is a mistake and that the others will save him. But Ernie tells him that they don't have too, because there's something coming and they know it. But Solar Flare calls them cowards as Tirek punches him and the soldiers take him away. Meanwhile out in the desert, Alter is an outcast, only compied by his bumbling sidekicks: Samantha and Slate. Along with him was Marvell (who's now his girlfriend), and General Skull and tells him that Cybertrain is already heading it's coarse to Earth. Which delights Alter, and claims it's time to head back to the villain's league. Then, Mucker exams the ooze on their way back to the others and when he analyzes it, he quotes: "Is it really possible?". Meanwhile, Thomas tells Angel Death they need to rebuild Cybertrain, as she tells him that there is a way. She explains that her 12 Cybertrain Jedi Knights stole her Staff and hid it on Earth, and that Thomas is going to find it, and that he seeks redemption. As Thomas claims he does, and claims Angel Death as his empress.

Back on Earth/with the others

Back down on Earth, it shows the others in a junkyard. Where the majority of the Trainbots are staying with the others. And then as Brian parks the truck he asks Peter what's been happening. Peter tells him that the Dragon Bots tried to eat him, as Brian spots Joe's car in Cruncher's mouth and tells him to spit it out and he does. As Brian then scolds Cruncher for eating another car, as he tells him to go to his hole to think about what he did. As he walks away grumbling to himself. While Brian then scolds him that maybe he should quit being like a dog, and be a hero, as Cruncher smacks him with his tail. Meanwhile, Percy is talking with Lightningblazer if Thomas will return one day, he thinks he doesn't know. As that goes on, Toby arrives with some stuff. Including Track Arachnis' head. And then he sees the talisman Brian found earlier, and questions where'd it came from. Then, Mucker finds Willy and explains the ooze he found, and he drips it on his left fin and and states that the ooze can turn them into Trainsformers, and will be worth life changing. But Willy thinks they don't need that change, as Mucker disappointingly agrees. But Willy tells him that he cannot explain it to the others, but Mako has heard the whole thing and plans to tell the others in the morning.

Alliance with Megatrain

Soon, news reports of sightings of horns expanding out all over the world. And meanwhile, out in a desert, Captain Rex is suppose to track down Brian with Megatrain's help, but needs a crew. So Megatrain tells the clones which members of his crew he wants to join him, such as: Sawvage, Chainer, Raul, Blister, and Ballistic. Then Alter arrives with his crew and offers him to join Megatrain as well. Which Megatrain agrees so. And soon, Alter, his buddies, and the Deceptitrains are ready and head off.

Willy and Sharky's argument/Deceptitrain and Soldier chase

Back in the junkyard, Mako then tells Sharky about the ooze. And Sharky asks him they we're keeping a secret from them. And he angrily marches towards Willy asks him what the 3 portraits of the ninja: Speed, stealth. Till Sharky interrupts him with "honor", like him keeping a secret to the others. With Willy claiming he doesn't know what he's talking about. Sharky then tells him if the ooze can make them trainsformers, but Willy claims they're trains rather he likes it or not. But Sharky tells him it's about people if they're willing to accept, but Willy claims if that true accepts only comes from within but Sharky claims he should have consulted them before he decided to do something like that. Willy tells him he consulted with Mucker, and decided but Sharky interrupts with one vote. But Willy shouts there's only one vote that counts, him. Just then the villains get closer to the junkyard and triggers the alarm. Brian shouts at everyone to get ready, and Mucker arrives and tells Willy and Sharky they have to go now. But Willy only tells Mucker they have to go, and tells the other's they're staying to hold them off. Which angers Sharky, and confuses the others. And Mako sarcastically tells Sharky that went well. Soon, the Deceptitrains come to the junkyard and search around as Megatrain finds Track-Arachnis' head. And tells the head that the end is coming, and soon Gordon and Stuingtion's engines start attacking. As, Megatrain fires his fusion shotgun at them. And they arrive at a ghost neighborhood. While the Clone Troopers are picking up their signal, and at the town. They set up explosives for the Deceptitrains, then out on the road. Ignator appears from the road and destroys several cars then the Deceptitrains arrive, Megatrain tells them to scout. Till BB-8 blows everyone's cover by rolling in front of Megatrain, who picks him up. Till Gabby tells him to put him down. Megatrain then demands the location of Brian, as the Talisman then suddenly attaches itself to Brian's arm, giving him away. As Megatrain drops BB-8 and demands the Talisman, but Brian opens fire at Megatrain. And then the explosives are set off. As Brian and Gabby make a run for it, as the Deceptitrains give, chase shooting at them but then Cometbreath flies in and starts attacking as he's joined by the others. Megatrain orders a retreat while other Deceptitrains are killed. As Brian and Gabby run into a building where the others are.

Probe droid pursuit

Then, the Clone Troopers send out several probe droids to go after them. As Percy then kills the last remaining Deceptitrain, as the others go deeper into the building but then one the droids blasts its way into the building. And then 3 more fly in and chases the group as they manage to shoot down 2 of them. And the team then hide another room, but then one of the droids shoots down the wall, leaving them to run again as they race down a staircase with the droid hot on their tail, shooting at them. And they all hide, then out of nowhere, one of them appears but Brian shoots it down as another one comes in but then Gabby ignites her Lightsaber and destroys it. But then another one appears. and it shoots Cleveland, and Peter blasts and then tells Cleveland, it was only a beanbag. Then, they race out of the building and then into another one where they hide into the elevator where inside it is a protocol droid named "Clocker". With scares everyone, and then a probe droid comes in and Brian grabs on as he flies out, and then lets go and destroys it. Then Clocker tells Brian he came for him, Twilight, the royals, the Eds, Cera, and Stuingtion's engines, and for the talisman which is starting to expand on Brian. Charlie attempts to swap him, till Clocker twists his finger and cries in pain. Brian tells Percy to come along with them, and they put James in charge of the team, and head off.

Flying to New Zealand/Thomas becomes "OpThomasis Prime"

Soon, they are flying to New Zealand. But on the plane, they've discovered Fluttershy on board! She admitted it she wanted to tag along to be with Willy. Then it cuts back to the villains, where Tirek is beating up Solar Flare. Ernie tells him that he's gonna kill him, and that if he want's that. Tirek yells at him that he wants him more than dead, he'll split his head open. Ernie tells him to knock it off, and it's all happening because he's forbidden to banish or hurt the princesses. Tirek tells him to shut up, and tells him not to order him around. As Ernie claims he's just saying. Tirek tells them that they never make him Force sensitive, and never gets to make him wield or construct his own lightsaber. As he continues talking, Ernie interrupts and tells him he has had it. And then he explains that they never make him a Sith is because he's arrogant, bossy, and always butts his nose into other villains' business. But Tirek tells he shouldn't be grateful he doesn't sleep in a bed room, and Ernie tells him he does, and that this is not what Supreme Leader Snoke had in mind. Then Tirek tells him that what he should had in mind, is that he should make him a Sith. Then Ernie tells him he's gratefully mistaken and tells him to ask for himself and leaves. And Solar Flare tells him he's right, and tells him that he will never be a Sith. But Tirek, enraged, grabs his throat and demands Solar Flare to tell him where the others are, and Solar Flare sarcastically tells him they're in his butt as Tirek continues beating him up. Then Sideshow Bob tells Ernie that the others are in New Zealand, and Ernie tells him that's where they're going too.

Then, there were more news of Cybertrain closing in on Earth. And Angel Death chains up Thomas and tells him that Twilight and Brian are going to turn Earth into a new Death Star, and Thomas is shocked by the reaction. Angel Death tells him that only she can drain Earth's resources and Thomas vows to get the staff and Angel Death renames him "OpThomasis Prime" and his eyes turn into a dark purple color.

Meet Professor Q

Soon, our heroes arrive at New Zealand. Where they are brought to a huge castle-like manor house. There, Professor Q introduces himself to them. Who then welcomes them, as Eddy want's to know why they're all the way out in New Zealand or they're leaving. Professor Q explains that they want to know why the Trainsformers are on Earth. As an Imperial TIE Fighter flies in and transforms to reveal to be an Trainbot with a Spanish accent. And reveals his name to be "TIE", and has gave up transforming into a train, and decided to turn into a new form.

The Story of the Trainsformers

Soon, Professor Q shows them around with pictures of the other Trainbots. And takes them to an underground room, and shows them the round table and tells Twilight that she's the last descendant of Gandalf as Clocker begins playing an organ and sings like a woman as Q tells him to stop. Then Q tells Brian that he's the last knight, and shows them pictures of Cybertrain coming, and that Solar Flare has been kidnapped. Which shocks Celestia and Luna. As Barret asks where Solar Flare is. But Q doesn't know, and Q states they need to hurry right away.

Stuingtion's engines explain the real story

But after hearing this new info on the Trainsformers, Brian then points out that Stuingtion's Engines could know about it. While they decline they don't know, Twilight is convinced they lied to them. As Brian states they didn't know anything about the Trainsformer's true history. Until T.C. looses patience and tells them they did lie. But they didn't give the whole story. As the engines explain how they knew about Megatrain resurrecting Tirek and how they combined their powers to create Cybertrain but then a war broke out from it and Tirek betrayed and threw away Megatrain because he knew the truth. As Twilight asks what is the truth. Which the engines explain that Trainsformers are on the edge of extinction. They're scattered across the galaxy, they're a dying race. And the only thing that matters for them is to grab and hide, wherever they can, before somebody else, beats them at the finish line. As the engines apologize for not being honest but they only did because of what was to come. They don't have the whole idea, but they do know the battle is not like any other that they've every been in. It will take more than what they had to win it. But Fluttershy practically tells off Willy and tells him and the engines to leave and never return, leaving everyone in the room speechless at this turn of events. While Willy, with hurt feelings and feeling betrayed, agrees. Stating they'll go home to Cartoon World and never return and note they aren't really friends, more like expendable assets. As all of Stuingtion's engines, sad, heart broken, and no longer feeling like friends leave the castle.

But the Eds, Figge, and Cera are shocked at The Royals, Fluttershy, Twilight, and Brian for out for selling Stuingtion's Engines all because of a lie and start to chew them out. But Brian then grabs Eddy and tells them it's the end of the world. And tells them that they changed, as Ed agrees that it's his series. And Cera states she refuses to help if Stuingtion's Engines are not going to help, which Figge, and the Eds conquer. As Figge and the Eds then scold the formers stating that the engines knew of what was to come and only lied to protect them. As Eddy states that Stuingtion's Engines were friends with him and the other eds longer than the others as Double-D states that they would rather be with true friends and not walk aimlessly around. As Figge then points out to Fluttershy about how Willy stuck up for her many times before and how she risked her own life to bring back Willy. As he tells her she should be a ashamed of herself for selling him out. While Cera then angrily notes about how Stuingtion's Engines helped the team out on many adventures by providing them firearms, and other cool gadgets, which makes the Royals feel pity for what they said to them. As they begin to leave the room. While Brian tells to go ahead and leave. While Figge stands behind and tells Brian he doesn't know which side of him is worse; Either Brian's regular battle self or Darth Manacore but he does know what a true friend is. As he begins to state that none of the situation never would've every happened in the first place. Which Brian interrupts him and states if the team invited him on their last adventure. Which Figge is shocked to see Brian is still gawking about it and states to Brian he can't change the past. As he then leaves the room not before slamming the doors shut with a long bang. But then the Ghost Crew have a change of heart and decide to go and find them. While Brian and Twilight are confused by this, and Ezra state that Cera is right and it wasn't right for them to sell them out like that. While Brian states friends who lie must be in exile, but Kanan notes doing so will only leading them to do something they'll regret, and they leave not before Zeb kicks him Brian. Fluttershy then starts thinking about what Figge said as they sing "This Grill is Not a Home".

Finding the clues

After the royals left, Percy alerts the others they got company. And orders them to leave. Soon, Brian, Sylveon, Vinny, Fluttershy, and Twilight then hop aboard Percy. And TIE fires a weapon of his. "The Time Blaster" and it slows the troopers down and make a run for it. Q tells them the first clue they'll find is at Baggin's home. And they hurry to Bilbo Baggins home (which is now abandoned). And they found something in the wall, and pull it out. Soon, Q arrives at the library, and Jimmy Neutron calls him and tells him that the Cybertrain is gonna destroy Earth, and they are gonna start at Minas Trith.

Road chase

Soon, Percy is now racing for the harbor. But not far behind, several cops are chasing them as Clocker is driving Q. And soon they're chased by Starsmoke, and then Percy transforms his cab to a gun and shoots Starsmoke and he crashes, as Brian claims he's out of his mind.

Hopping aboard the sub

Soon, they arrive at the harbor and hijack a sub as Q stays behind, and Clocker stays with the others as Q goes to look for Stuingtion's engines, the Eds, Figge, Cera, and the royals. But as they try to leave the city, they are chased by the republic. But soon they outrun them as Clocker then fires himself out of the sub.

Professor Q finds Stuingtion's Engines, the Eds, Cera, and the royals

Soon, Q finds the engines, Eds, Cera, Figge, and the royals and tells them that they need their help. Figge questions why do they need help, since he has friends like him. But before Q tells them that Clocker is with them and are in a sub, Eddy tells them they're finally learning something for a change. Then, Q beats him up with his cane and takes out a Trainsformer watch that killed Chancellor Ferdinand and tells them that the end is near, and if they don't help, the Earth will be destroyed by Cybertrain. Soon, they began to reconsider and Mucker claims he has an idea. He takes out the ooze he found at the ruins and says they'll be different on the outside, but still the same on the inside. Princess Celestia then tell them that the choice is their's alone. Soon, after a moment, Willy takes the tube and throws it aside and they understood, and accept who they are.

Back on the sub/Finding the Insect Bot ship

Returning to Brian, Twilight, Fluttershy, Percy, Sylveon, and Clocker (who has returned with some dinner). Fluttershy is still thinking about what Figge said and soon admits that he is right. As she takes out a photo of herself and Willy. And then falls to the ground weeping. As Brian starts to think about what he said earlier, as Twilight comes beside him. Brian then admits that he was wrong. As Twilight comes beside him. And begins to think about it too, and tells Brian that if Thomas was here, he'll know what to do, as Brian agrees. Then he tells her that she looked kinda hot as an alicorn, as Twilight blushes. And admits she does miss her wings, and they began laughing then start staring at each other and then they've kissed! (As Dean Martin's "Everybody Loves Somebody" is playing) before Sylveon interrupts. And she angrily walks away as Brian chases after her, and she tells him that first he got rid of the others, and now he wants to make her jealous, but Brian tells her it was an accident. But Sylveon tells him that's no excuse, and tells him when it's over she wants him out of her life. As she then goes into one of the rooms and slams the door shut. As Brian now feels worse as tears start forming in his eyes. And quotes to himself "What Have I Done". But then, Clocker alerts them they're approaching the Knight ship and then it opens and Vinny explains it knows they're here and they went inside. But unknown to them, the Republic was following them and they go through the gaps. Inside, the others hop off the sub and Clocker then claims he's not going in the water, till Percy pushes him off and Clocker then tells them they're on his hate list.

Arrival of Cybertrain/Gearing up

Back with the others, Gabby wakes up then she looks up and yells at the others to wake up and look at the sky, and that it's Cybertrain! And soon we see the Mother X ship (from the pilot episode) and Unicrane's head on the moon, as scientist explain that Earth will fall in 24 hours, and with the villains, a Team Galactic grunt told them that Cybertrain's already arrived. And Gabby runs to the others who were still sleeping and they see Cybertrain and she looks at the TV of widespread panic of the arriving planet. Back to the Insect Bots' ship, the troopers arrive inside and find our heroes' sub, as they begin searching for Gandalf's grave. Back the others, the Autobots get Lockdown's ship while the other Trainbots geared up. And Gordon opens up a gun cave, and the others grab many weapons as they can. And some of the others asks if they can come. Bumblebee tells them and that they're not parents, but it will be dangerous, but Gabby says they won't care, as Bee tells them to roll out as the Guardian Knights transform into Dragon Storm and they take off to New Zealand.

Finding Gandalf's staff

Then, Brian, Twilight, Sylveon, Vinny, Percy, and Optimus find the chamber of Gandalf's tomb and it rises. But then when they open the coffin, the staff wasn't inside it. But just Gandalf's grave and a wooden stick, as Brian gets frustrated of that they came all this way for nothing. And as he lets out his anger, a Cybertrain Jedi Knight comes to life and attacks them, and as he does, the staff transforms into metal revealing that it was in disguise! And then, the ship begins to rise, as Angel Death senses it. And then the clones arrived and killed the Knight, and Rex gunpoints our heroes. And Twilight tells him to drop his weapon, or she'll drop the staff. And Brian tells Rex to think about what he's doing.

Thomas vs. Percy

But before Rex can decide, A blue Lightsaber appears and kills one of the Cybertrain Jedi Knights, and its wielder reveals to be Thomas. And he then demands Twilight to give him the staff. But Twilight refuses, in which Thomas threatens her. Twilight then realizes that Thomas has changed as she goes into tears realizing that the Thomas she knew is gone and then tells him he's going down a path she can't follow and tells him to stop and she loves him. But Thomas then tells her that she is no longer of any importance to him, for he has a new mission: to save his kind. And he won't let a bookworm unicorn get in his way and notes how Angel Death told him they were in league with the Galactic Empire and they were gonna turn the Earth into a new Death Star. As he then threatens Twilight to give the staff to him or she'll die. Brian then tells her to give him the staff. And Twilight complies. As Cody open fires at him. But Thomas blasts the Clone Troopers as Optimus tries to restrain Thomas, only to get flipped over as Thomas walks out. The team quickly then decided to go after Thomas. While Percy bravely goes to fight him, and during the battle Thomas nearly kills Percy. But before Thomas can deliver a killing strike, an ocean blue Lightsaber blocks his attack at the last second. And it is revealed to be Willy, and Thomas soon comes to his senses. As the Royals, Stuingtion's engines and the Eds cone into view. And Thomas collapses and asks himself of what has he done. Then suddenly, Megatrain and Alter appear before them and take the staff. And once they leave, Clocker, and the others pop out as the Insect Bots start to attack Thomas. And once they do, the talisman on Brian transformers into a sword and stops them from killing Thomas, and they all wield to Brian, and Twilight has changed back into an alicorn! Which makes her confused, till Brian tells her that her wings might react when something very big is happening, then Fluttershy and Willy hug and confess their apologies. Then Thomas puts the blame on himself, but Brian encourages to save the Earth once more as Thomas regains his spirit, and soon the others arrive.

Race to Minas Tirith

Soon, the Deceptitrains arrive at Minas Tirith, which is now a ruin. And even Professor Q arrives with some men to back up. And as our heroes leave the weapon, and Rex tells the general to have visual on the Chamber, which they did. As Megatrain activates the portal, Q's cane transforms into a gun-like weapon and he fires at Megatrain and the tanks do the same, as Megatrain fires and kills Q! As the others arrive and Thomas takes off in the sky, as the gunships arrive as Clocker runs up to Q as he dies beside him. In the Chamber; Angel Death activates the staff and the planet begins building itself, and our heroes make a run for the gunships. As we see Cybertrain rebuilding itself, we see Equinelantis, and the mountains of Equestria where the Planet Harvester was. And later, a scientist tells the Clone Trooper general that Cybertrain is rebuilding itself and once it's completed, Earth will blow up!

Flying to Cybertrain/Rescuing Solar Flare

Soon everyone gears up, and Alex tells Celestia and Luna that the villains have Solar Flare in the chamber. And, Celestia then orders Alex to fly them to the chamber. Which he states he'll get it done in record time. As he then tells the rest of the The Soldiers to stick to the plan, and soon Resistance ships arrive! With more help, and they all board the osprey's, and the Ghost, the trains hop in their planes, and the Trainbots hop on their ships, Figge gets into his TIE Fighter, Cera hops in her shuttle, and TIE transforms into his TIE Fighter mode which Rainbow remarks "nice". And Dominic uses Sunset's phone to text Brian O'Connor and Mia to look up at the sky, and hands it back to her. Then, Kallus asks Brian that he has a few things to say. Brian says that once this is over, he wants him and his team to stop killing Trainbots, and he believes in the great ones. And that the world haven't lost faith, they did. Then they take off their TES (Trainsformers Extermination Squad) badges.

And, soon they began to fly out as the knights transform into their bug forms. And soon, they are soon flying towards the outer portion of Cybertrain. And then, they start to fly their way pass the obstacles. Then they are being attacked by Vulture droids, along with Leo, and Daphne in the Slave 1, as the jets pursue them, and they manage to shoot down one of the gunships. Then, the Insect Bots start tacking them down. Soon they start approaching the chamber, but then there hit by a rocky obstacle and are going down and Alex tells them to hang on, and the remaining ospreys hit the ground, soon they all go out and battle the enemy Deceptitrains and Droids as Brian, and the others run to the chamber, and Alex tells the others that the big gun's tearing them apart. And they see the chamber, and as more droid fighters arrive, the other Trainbots arrive riding their own ships, along with TIE and shoot down the enemy ships. And Rex tells the others to run to the crater and Edward hops off his ship and joins the fight, and Twilight tells Alex where Thomas is, and Alex tells her is that he hadn't made it. And Alex says they're pinned down, and Ember gets an idea, she tells Gabby to blow up the big. But Gabby tells her she can't, because she's afraid, Ember tells her to do it, and tells her that she loves her and that she's like a mother to her, and that no one will see her coming. And with that Gabby runs to the gun. And then Leo flies in and tries to shoot Brian, but Stewie cuts off his blaster and droids start firing at him, so he charges and cuts them up and then Mako yells at Pepper that Leo's behind them, and Pepper asks where and accidentally makes his jetpack go haywire and he hits a vine and falls back down to the Earth. Then we see Daphne killing soldiers, but is stopped by Belle. And tells her to let go of the Dark side, but Daphne tells her that she has brought peace and justice to the Mystery, Inc. Which Belle then takes out her lightsaber, and they start to duel. Then Megatrain tells the Leviathan to transform into it's snake form, and it did as Edward tells the others he's unable to fight that thing. As the other Trainbots land along with TIE to take it down, but are unable. And James asks himself where Thomas is. It goes back to Belle and Daphne's duel, and they soon battle inside the chamber. And Alex tells the general that they're unable to get to the target, and then a scientist tells them that they need to blow up a vine, a large object will swing down, hit the chamber, and the Earth will be saved. And the general tells them the new target, and Kallus finds it, and Alex tells everyone that they're leaving, but Twilight tells him they're not giving up on Thomas, but Alex tells her the operation is over. But Celestia and Luna refuse to believe that, and they charge to the chamber to save Solar Flare. As Cadance goes to stop them, but Shining tells her if they stay, their dead, and Alex tells everyone to hop aboard the Ghost. Then Elsa finds Alter, and tells him that Bradey will overthrown him, then Gabby comes up to a turret, as it turns to her, and she puts a grenade gun on it and pulls the trigger and it blows it up, along with the bigger gun, and TIE tells her good job. Then Daphne grabs Belle's throat and attempts to kill her with her own lightsaber, but she breaks free and they do martial arts and continue their duel. And the others prepare to leave as the Y-Wing's picked up the target, as the CMC see Thomas riding on one of the Insect Bots as Scootaloo shouts: "YEAH!!!!". And Thomas attacks and kills Leviathan.

Inside, the chamber, a soldier prepares to kill Solar Flare, when he is stabbed by a lightsaber and it turns out to be Celestia's! And then Luna kills the other soldiers, and they untie Solar Flare and give him a weapon. And Solar Flare tells them he's sorry for bringing them this, and Luna tells him that he's not.

The battle with Angel Death and Megatrain

Soon the clones and the others run to the edge of the chamber, and the Y-Wing's fire their torpedo's, as everyone hops in the Ghost. And Thomas asks the others where Twilight is, and Gordon tells him their bailing. Ans as the missiles hit the vine, Twilight runs to the chamber, as Brian, the Eds, Sylveon, Vinny, Spike, and the engines run after her, and the Ghost takes off. As they all run to the chamber, Thomas tells the others to get in their as the giant piece hits the chamber, and our heroes slide down but their grabbed by Solar Flare. And Bradey sees T.C. and Hugs, and they activate their lightsabers and begin dueling. As a clone tells the general the chamber is falling, the sucking Earth progress is still going. As the chamber's still falling, it is grabbed on by some vines, and they all land on the floor. And the Trainbots and Deceptitrains begin battling, and TIE tells Twilight to grab the staff. And Bradey manages to incapacitate T.C. and Hugs, and prepares to kill them, when suddenly Alter intervenes and begins dueling with her. And Twilight runs for it as the chamber begins sliding down, it is caught by the vines, and TIE and Gordon battle Megatrain, as Twilight runs for the staff, and Cera notices Tirek and fires a direct hit on the left side of his stomach, but then he manages to escape from an escape pod. Angel Death senses Twilight and tells Megatrain to kill her. But Thomas cuts off Megatrain's right arm, but Megatrain force chokes Thomas with his remaining arm, and tells him that he, Megatrain, and Angel Death could be the new rulers of Cybertrain, but Thomas tells him that wasn't gonna happen. Then he spits in his eye, and cuts him in two. As Twilight grabs hold of the staff, the chamber breaks loose and it falls and Twilight falls, and so does everyone, at the meantime Percy manages to kill Raul, and Willy kills Starsmoke. And Thomas kicks Twilight up and she manages to grab the staff. And Spike tells her not to let go, and Brian attacks Angel Death but she manages to stop him with her force lighting, and tells her that he could be a good apprentice, and he can be Darth Manacore again. But Brian tells her to say hello to his wife, and Sylveon throws his lightsaber and impales Angel Death! And she drives her saber up and then cuts her in two. As Peter, Captain Celaeno, and Ernie's fight continues Ernie manages to over power them, but Peter uppercuts him, grabs his head and twists his neck and Celaeno decapitates him with her sword, finally ending the giant chicken, and Alter manages to defeat Bradey by punching her out of the chamber shocking everyone. As she falls she teleports away, as Alter does the same thing too. And then when the Dazzlings prepare to kill the Ed's, Brian tells them to let him destroy their pendants now, but they make them use against the Dazzlings, and finally kills them for good. And Twilight pulls the staff out, and the energy transfer stops and everyone cheers. But the chamber continues falling, and once everyone comes together TIE fires and manages to slow down the time, as Thomas grabs them as the chamber collapses to the ground, everyone believes they all died. When in fact they come out of the smoke, still alive and well!

Tirek's death

But just as it looks like that's the end of the battle, Tirek then appears with a huge army and demands Brian to surrender or he will die while the Princesses and Cera will be sent to Tartarus. And if Brian does surrender, he'll still die and the Princesses and Cera will still be sent to Tartarus. But then Brian states he doesn't take orders from a coward as he tells Tirek that he thought himself all high and mighty. But he hides behind his soldiers, expecting them to do his work. But the truth was, he's weak and Tirek can't even help his own comrades, he just sends assassins to kill them, instead of doing it himself. And He'll never get rid of the royals, because he's just an old wimp. And that the truth is: if Tirek faced them, right now. He would loose. After a moment of silence, everyone opens fire at Tirek who then starts up a shuttle and flies it over the battle but then when things start to look bad, the Clone Troopers, the rest of the others, and the Insect Bots race in and join the fight as our heroes fight the many troopers as Brian takes control of turret and guns several of them down as Tirek continues trying to kill them all with his shuttle. As the team continue to fight, Celestia is minorly injured when some stray bullets hit her in the shoulder as Brian then charges one of the tanks armed with a Molotov cocktail as Shining Armor takes control of a 20mm cannon. But then a blast from the tank causes Brain to fall off his horse as one of the shuttle side gunners shoots him in the leg. But Brian manages to clear out of the tank's way as he throws the Molotov cocktail onto it, making flames erupt on the tank and he then shoots out the tank crew and hops inside it himself and gets it started up.

Just as Tirek's shuttle turns back around Brian gets the tank driving at it as Tirek tries to blast it with a rocket and Brian returns fire but neither have a direct hit. As Celestia shoots out the side gunners on the shuttle as Tirek swing sit back around for another go, as Brian sets the tank at full speed. Leaving both Brian and Tirek in a deadly game of chicken as they both continue to draw fire at each other, as Brian manages to shoot out the co-pilot in the shuttle and with a Battle cry, Brian charges the shuttle at full speed as Tirek is getting majorly injured from the hail of bullets from the tank's side turret. As everyone watches in concern, while Brian yells out: "SCREW YOU!!!" while Tirek screams in shock and fright as the tank and shuttle collide and the shuttle explodes into a fiery inferno! Then when the fireball clears, not only is the shuttle completely destroyed but Tirek is nothing but a burning corpse. As Brian triumphantly exits the tank declaring that Tirek will no longer bring harm to them ever again. As Cera takes care of the body.

Twilight returns to normal/Ending

Then, suddenly Twilight's wings disappeared. As Hen is shocked, Twilight tells her she can use them whenever she feels like it. And soon, Brian apologizes for kissing her back in the sub, as Twilight notes they should just stay friends. And they share a brief hug. And Trax tells the other Trainbots it's time to rebuild Cybertrain and Earth and that it's time to go home, and they all fly off to Cybertrain, as heroes bid farewell to them. Then Edd asks Cera what she did to Tirek, she tells him that she cremated him, and shows his ashes in a jar and plans to deliever them to his family, as the film ends.




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