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Wrath of the Country
is a movie that starts the beginning of season 4 in Brian and the Eeveelution Family's Adventures Chronicles. And it will be the last film in the chronicles.


Our heroes are having a vacation with Stuingtion's engines, Figge, and Hanah Streaker. And too make things more interesting, the Wubb Girlz have arrived for a concert! However, Leo returns! And he joins up with the villains and frees Daphne Blake and Ernie from an underground prison, and our heroes make a shocking discovering, an ooze that can turns the trains, into humans! And now, our heroes must save Earth one more, and discover the real truth about the Trainsformers, and face a new friend/turned enemy.


Opening crawl/Year's ago

The opening crawl starts telling the of our heroes adventures, but also explaining that the Trainsformers had been around during the time of Middle Earth. And it shows a battle of the Orcs who survived the Battle of Mordor, outnumbered, Legolas demands a retreat but Frodo tells him that Gandalf will come, and Aaragorn agrees. Gandalf arrives at a ship and there was Jedi Master Trainsformer, Gandalf requests him to help the man, elves, and dwarves to save Middle-Earth again. The old Trainsformer gives him his staff who shrinks to his size and other Trainsformers transform into a giant robot dragon who defeated the Orcs.

In the present/prison escape

In the present, it shows Thomas floating in space as the title appears. And later it takes us to a prison in Mexico where some men take a Mandalorian female as the warden explains that it's cold about the same temperature as snow fall. And takes them to a room of Tirek as an old man, and Ernie inside some glass tubes, and they unmask her who reveals to be Daphne Blake! And they chain her in, later she fakes her death and frees Tirek and Ernie, and with the help of Leo! And they all leave to a base, and revive Tirek with some energy crystals regaining his strength ready for some revenge.

In the ruins/Brian discovers the talisman

Meanwhile at the ruins, the foals enter a place that was destroyed from Wrath of the Century, where they find a huge creator in an abandoned football field. Then later an old ship where an old Trainbot inside and they he awakens and are surrounded by walkers and some clones troopers in Stormtrooper armor. But then, they are saved by Gabby and Ember who take them under a brakevan who is a Trainsformer. But after the walkers leave, several they've detected the Trainsformer, Ember, and the kids who mistaken that it's a threat. And a V-Wing flies in and takes him out! Gabby tells him to get up, but the Brakevan tells her thank you and dies. Then some troopers came by with a walker behind. Till Brian and Mucker arrive and kill the troopers, while Percy jumps in and destroys the walker. As Brian then tells Gabby to come, but refuses but Ember grabs her and tells her he's dead, as she cries. And they then leave, and Brian finds the old Trainbot who offers him to take a talisman and he dies. And contacts Percy they're coming out solo. But then, Mucker discovers some strange green ooze beside the Trainsformers body and takes it. But then arrives Starsmoke and some of the clone troopers, and place Brian under arrest and demands him where the others are. Brian tells him he doesn't know, till Percy arrives and saves them. Till Rex stops all of it, and explains it's a new world order. Brian then tells him if they push them, they push right back. And they leave. While Commander Cody tells Rex that they're all bad, but Rex says they aren't. Later, their general tells them that Starsmoke's been visiting Megatrain in an old garage and explains that he has the talisman, but he explains that Brian found it. Megatrain scolds him that they need to find the talisman to find the staff.

Thomas' arrival on Cybertrain/Quintessa corrupts Thomas

Later, Thomas crash lands somewhere and wakes up and wonders where he is. Then a mysterious voice tells him he's on Cybertrain, Thomas goes inside and sees that it's Quintessa! Thomas then angrily races over to as he ignites his Lightsaber intending to kill her but before the blade can even touch her, Quintessa stops him with her powers and holds down by chains and hold by Infernocus. And Thomas tells her she destroyed Cybertrain, but she grabs him and states the Trainsformers destroyed Cybertrain, and she slaps him and which gives him a red scar. And tells him he's gonna be her apprentice, and will do exactly what she will say.

At the villains' place/Solar Flare captured/Mucker's discovery

Meanwhile, out in a dark base, some Team Galactic grunts tell Ernie they have him. They bring a bounded up figure to Tirek, and take a bag off of him, revealing to be King Solar Flare. And Tirek tells him it's an honor to meet him personal, face to face. While King Solar Flare notes while it is an honor to meet him in person, he wished it could've been in a different environment. But rather to see him here. Solar Flare tells him what he's doing is a mistake and that the others will save him. But Ernie tells him that they don't have too, because there's something coming and they know it. But Solar Flare calls them cowards as Tirek punches him and the soldiers take him away. Meanwhile out in the desert, Alter is an outcast, only compied by his bumbling sidekicks: Samantha and Slate. Along with him was Marvell (who's now his girlfriend), and General Skull and tells him that Cybertrain is already heading it's coarse to Earth. Which delights Alter, and claims it's time to head back to the villain's league. Then, Mucker exams the ooze on their way back to the others and when he analyzes it, he quotes: "Is it really possible?". Meanwhile, Thomas tells Quintessa they need to rebuild Cybertrain, as she tells him that there is a way. She explains that 12 Cybertrain Jedi Knights stole her Staff and hid it on Earth, and that Thomas is going to find it, and that he seeks redemption. As Thomas claims he does, and claims Quintessa as his empress.

Back on Earth/with the others

Back down on Earth, it shows the others in a junkyard. Where the majority of the Trainbots are staying with the others. And then as Brian parks the truck he asks Peter what's been happening. Peter tells him that the Dragon Bots tried to eat him, as Brian spots Joe's car in Cometbreath's mouth and tells him to spit it out and he does. As Brian then scolds Cometbreath for eating another car, as Cometbreath notes that things are just too boring since there's been no need for the Trainbots, as he explains that only other things to do for fun besides lousy games is eating. As he walks away grumbling to himself. While Brian then scolds him that maybe he should quit being like a dog, and be a hero, as Comet smacks him with his tail. Meanwhile, Percy is talking with Lightningblazer if Thomas will return one day, he thinks he doesn't know. As that goes on, Toby arrives with some stuff. Including Track Arachnis' head. And then he sees the talisman Brian found earlier, and questions where'd it came from. Just then, the CMC ran in and holding posters for the arrival of the Wubb Girlz! Which confuses some of the others. So they explain that they're a very famous band, and ask their sisters if they can go. They agree nervously but only if they behave. Then, Mucker finds Willy and explains the ooze he found, and he drips it on his left fin and and states that the ooze can turn them into Trainsformers, and will be worth life changing. But Willy thinks they don't need that change, as Mucker disappointingly agrees. But Willy tells him that he cannot explain it to the others, but Mako has heard the whole thing and plans to tell the others in the morning.

Alliance with Megatrain/Meeting the Wubb Girlz

Soon, out in a desert, Captain Rex is suppose to track down Brian with Megatrain's help, but needs a crew. So Megatrain tells the clones which members of his crew he wants to join him, such as: Sawvage, Chainer, Raul, Blister, and Ballistic. Then Alter arrives with his crew and offers him to join Megatrain as well. Which Megatrain agrees so. Back at the junkyard, the CMC take several of the others to see the Wubb Girlz. Where they start practicing singing for the concert. As the CMC then quote that they were amazing, and Shine, the leader, said thanks. As Quagmire thinks they're beautiful. And asks who they are, as Shine introduces herself, then introduces her colleges: Sparkle and Shine. And while on stage, a radio and guitar transform into Autobots. Named: Stereo and Strings. Which, scare them. Strings explain that they arrived shortly after the battle of Chicago and decided to help the girls travel around the globe. As Shine explains that since they joined their band, they've been an even bigger hit than before, but they sometimes can get annoying. But Scootaloo thinks they better head back. Meanwhile, the Clone Troopers, Alter, his buddies, and the Deceptitrains are ready and head off.

Willy and Sharky's argument/Deceptitrain and Clone Trooper chase

Back in the junkyard, Mako then tells Sharky about the ooze. And Sharky asks him they we're keeping a secret from them. And he angrily marches towards Willy asks him what the 3 portraits of the ninja: Speed, stealth. Till Sharky interrupts him with "honor", like him keeping a secret to the others. With Willy claiming he doesn't know what he's talking about. Sharky then tells him if the ooze can make them trainsformers, but Willy claims they're trains rather he likes it or not. But Sharky tells him it's about people if they're willing to accept, but Willy claims if that true accepts only comes from within but Sharky claims he should have consulted them before he decided to do something like that. Willy tells him he consulted with Mucker, and decided but Sharky interrupts with one vote. But Willy shouts there's only one vote that counts, him. Just then the villains get closer to the junkyard and triggers the alarm. Brian shouts at everyone to get ready, and Mucker arrives and tells Willy and Sharky they have to go now. But Willy only tells Mucker they have to go, and tells the other's they're staying to hold them off. Which angers Sharky, and confuses the others. And Mako sarcastically tells Sharky that went well. Soon, the Deceptitrains come to the junkyard and search around as Megatrain finds Track-Arachnis' head. And tells the head that the end is coming, and soon Gordon and Stuingtion's engines start attacking. As, Megatrain fires his fusion shotgun at them. And they arrive at a ghost neighborhood. While the Clone Troopers are picking up their signal, and at the town. They set up explosives for the Deceptitrains, then out on the road. Ignator appears from the road and destroys several cars then the Deceptitrains arrive, Megatrain tells them to scout. Till BB-8 blows everyone's cover by rolling in front of Megatrain, who picks him up. Till Gabby tells him to put him down. Megatrain then demands the location of Brian, as the Talisman then suddenly attaches itself to Brian's arm, giving him away. As Megatrain drops BB-8 and demands the Talisman, but Brian opens fire at Megatrain. And then the explosives are set off. As Brian and Gabby make a run for it, as the Deceptitrains give, chase shooting at them but then Cometbreath flies in and starts attacking as he's joined by the others. Megatrain orders a retreat while other Deceptitrains are killed. As Brian and Gabby run into a building where the others are.

Probe droid pursuit

Then, the Clone Troopers send out several probe droids to go after them. As Percy then kills the last remaining Deceptitrain, as the others go deeper into the building but then one the droids blasts its way into the building. And then 3 more fly in and chases the group as they manage to shoot down 2 of them. And the team then hide another room, but then one of the droids shoots down the wall, leaving them to run again as they race down a staircase with the droid hot on their tail, shooting at them. And they all hide, then out of nowhere, one of them appears but Brian shoots it down as another one comes in but then Gabby ignites her Lightsaber and destroys it. But then another one appears. and it shoots Cleveland, and Peter blasts and then tells Cleveland, it was only a beanbag. Then, they race out of the building and then into another one where they hide into the elevator where inside it is a protocol droid named "Clocker". With scares everyone, and then a probe droid comes in and Brian grabs on as he flies out, and then lets go and destroys it. Then Clocker tells Brian he came for him, Twilight, the royals, the Eds, Cera, and Stuingtion's engines, and for the talisman which is starting to expand on Brian. Charlie attempts to swap him, till Clocker twists his finger and cries in pain. Brian tells Percy to come along with them, and they put James in charge of the team, and head off.

Flying to New Zealand/Thomas becomes "OpThomasis Prime"

Soon, they are flying to New Zealand. But on the plane, they've discovered Fluttershy on board! She admitted it she wanted to tag along to be with Willy. Then, there were more news of Cybertrain closing in on Earth. And Quintessa chains up Thomas and tells him that Brian and Twilight are gonna use Earth as a new Death Star and only she can drain Earth's resources and Thomas vows to get the staff and Quintessa renames him "OpThomasis Prime" and his eyes turn into a dark purple color.

Meet Professor Q

Soon, our heroes arrive at New Zealand. Where they are brought to a huge castle-like manor house. There, Professor Q introduces himself to them. Who then welcomes them

The Story of the Trainsformers

Stuingtion's engines explain the real story

Finding the clues

Road chase

Hopping aboard the sub

Professor Q finds Stuingtion's Engines, the Eds, Cera, and the royals

Back on the sub/Finding the Knight ship

Arrival of Cybertrain/Gearing up

Finding Gandalf's staff

Thomas vs. Percy

Race to Minas Tirith

Flying to Cybertrain/Rescuing Solar Flare

The battle with Quintessa and Megatrain

Tirek's death

Twilight returns to normal/"Sing a Song"/Ending




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