This is where Yoaki captures Megatron in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventures of Big Hero 6.

[We view Yoaki and our heroes still fighting]

Megatron: [sees Yoaki] You! You're that villain who stole the memory data from my head processors! [brings out his sword and charges at Yoaki] RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHH!!!!

Yoaki: You again! Microbes, get that bot!

[the microbes jump onto to Megatron and zap him. Megatron screams in pain as he is zapped]


Optimus Prime: MEGATRON!!!!!!!!

Yoaki: [evil laughter]

[Megatron falls over, zapped completely and close to falling into stasis lock. He then looks at Optimus, who stares in horror]

Megatron: Prime, whatever you do, don't come back for me!

Optimus Prime: Megatron, what are you saying?!

Megatron: Please try to understand, don't come back for me!

Optimus Prime: No! I'm not leaving you!

Megatron: GO!!!! NOW, PRIME!!!!!

[Yoaki grabs Megatron and walks away with him, Megatron falling into stasis lock as he does so]


James: Come on, Optimus! Just do as he said! [drags him away]


Megatron: [in his head] I'm sorry, Prime!

Yoaki: Microbes, fall back!

[Back at Hiro's house]

Thomas: I can't Megatron risked his life to save us from Yoaki!

Rainbow Dash: And he let himself get captured?! That's not gonna solve our problem!

Scootaloo: Well, I say we go after him.

Ratchet: Negative! Megatron told us not to go back for him.

Cheetor: We just can't leave Meg behind!

Rhinox: It was an Cybertronian promise.

Cheetor: No! We just can't! If we're gonna survive as a species, this is our moment!

Scootaloo: Cheetor's right!

Everyone: It's all for one and one for Friendship!

Cheetor: Now let's go get back our friend!

Optimus Prime: Megatron once risked his life to save me. I couldn't call myself his friend, but I'd be willing to do the same.

Dinobot: I'll slice that villain in half!

Rattrap: I'll help too.

Rhinox: Bring it on!

Smokescreen: You're goin' down, Yoaki!

Grimlock: Me Grimlock help out too! Others Dinobots want to help?

Slash: Me Slash help!

Scorn: Me Scron want to rescue Megatron! Me Scorn mean, after all, Megatron friend to Dinobots now.

Strafe: Me Strafe help too.

Ironhide: Me too.

Jazz: That bad guy'll pay!

Thomas: Then, let's go!

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