Cats Don't Dance

Yogi Bear's Adventures of Cats Don't Dance is another upcoming Hanna-Barbera crossover film by TheCityMaker. It appeared on Vimeo in November 30, 2012. It will reappear on Google Drive in 8-19-2016.


Yogi Bear and his friends have traveled to Hollywood, California in the year of 1939, and they meet Danny, an ambitious cat who wants to be a Hollywood star. They also met Sawyer, who longs to be an actress and dancer. Together, they must fulfill the animals' dreams to rise up from their minor parts in the cast to play central roles in movies, but soon they must face an evil little girl named Darla Dimple (whom Dick Dastardly and Muttley work for).


  • This will be in honor of the film's 15th anniversary.
  • Dick Dastardly will reveal to be Darla Dimple's uncle.
  • Danny and Sawyer will reveal to be Top Cat's old friends.
  • Tillie Hippo will reveal to be Peter Potamus's cousin 
  • Yogi Bear and his friends will see Danny and Sawyer again in some Land Before Time crossovers.
  • Unlike the other "Cats Don't Dance" Adventure films, Danny and Sawyer actually do share one kiss before getting interrupted the second time by Flannigan. The edited clip was made by RogersGirlRabbit.

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