You Have It All is a remake of the song I Want It All from Barbie and the Secret Door.


[Matau T. Monkey]
You know something that's tragic
It's all that you want is magic
You don't trust anyone else
You don't have friendship in your heart
But, hello, welcome to the bright side
Of your spark of your friendship
All you have is right here
You have it all
The faith and the fortune and all
Don't need to say "No"
Friendship's the way to go
When I'm with you
It means "Good you"
The thing you got is really very small; you have it all
That's all. Hee-hee
You got some magic everyday
La-la-la-la, la, la
You're totally taking my breath away
Hee-hee. [sighs] Yeah
I know you're gonna feel ok
Because it's better for you and me
You have it all
[Princess Malucia]
I got it now
Don't make it small
Just make it "Wow!"
[Matau T. Monkey]
Life's got it's dings
[Princess Malucia]
Oh, nice jetpack wings
[Matau T. Monkey]
Morro would hang around cause he can crawl
[Matau T. Monkey and Princess Malucia]
You (I) got it all


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