Yuna is one of the main characters in Stitch! anime series.



  • In Toonwriter's fan fiction and videos, Yuna is around Lilo's age as her pen pal, becoming another one of her real best friends, one from Japan. She is aware of Stitch, Angel, Jumba, Pleakley and the Experiments. She will join Lilo and Stitch's Adventures team in a future project, currently undecided at this time.
  • Yuna will teach Lilo some karate moves so Lilo would be able to fight.
  • Lilo, Stitch, Angel and Yuna will be together as a gang.
  • Yuna would teach Lilo some Japanese language while Lilo would teach her some Hawaiian language.
  • Yuna, alongside Stitch will guest star in Emerl & The Super Mario Bros