Yuna's Lone Ranger Adventure Part 1 is the tenth episode of the fourth season of Yuna's Princess Adventure.


While visiting Appleloosa, a dangerous outlaw, and a railroading tycoon are planning to exterminte the Buffalo Tribe and use a trainload of gold to get control of a railway being constructed through Appleloosa. Now with help from Little Strongheart and a mysterious Golden Spirit horse, Princess Yuna (deputized as an Appleloosan Ranger) must stop the gang from doing the evil deed.


Yuna's train raided

The railway is being extended just outside Appleloosa run by railroading Tycoon: . Meanwhile Princess Yuna is on her way to Appleloosa for a small vacation. But on her train dangerous outlaw: is being transported for Justice, and Little Strongheart is onboard the train keeping on eye on a tree being transported. But the young buffalo notices take a gun out of a hidden compartment in the floor of the boxcar, then he kills the 2 Appleloosan Rangers riding inside the boxcar. meanwhile 's posse jump onto the train and raid it, one them shoots the engine crew and jams the regulator wide open.

Yuna then heads for the boxcar and breaks in only to be gunpointed by , but Little Strongheart provides a distraction for Yuna to rechain the outlaw, but then his poose shows up and chains Yuna and Strongheart. With no one in the cab, the train speeds out of control through the station and continues down the line. The other Rangers and Sheriff Silverstar give chase. Little Strongheart manages to free her and Yuna. But when they get on the roof, they find the train speeding straight for the part of the line that's still being built!



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