The way Yuna's New Friend goes in Thomas and Lady's New Son.

One month later, at the daycare center.

Thomas: Let's see if Edmond would like to play with Yuna.

Hiro: (laughs) No doubt that they'll be best of friends in future.

Baby Yuna: (happy gaggle)

Princess Luna: Look, Yuna, It's Edmond, Your new friend

Baby Yuna: (laughs and shares the toy ball)

Baby Edmond: (passes the ball back to Yuna)

Princess Luna: They seemed very happy.

Thomas: Look at them, Lady, Aren't they happy together?

Lady: They sure are, Thomas.

Baby Edmond: (passes the ball back to Yuna)

Baby Yuna: (passes the ball back to Edmond)

Princess Luna: What do you think, Hiro?

Hiro: I think it would be a wonderful friendship, Luna.

Baby Yuna: (winks)

The End

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