The way Yuna's Room Makeover goes in Yuna and Dusty.

Main Title shows and the song Still I Fly begins.

At Canterlot.

Princess Yuna: Hmmm. Maybe the posters will be put up here.

Princess Luna: What do you think, Hiro?

Hiro: It will be great.

Princess Luna: Maybe I will make a few paintings on the wallpaper.

Hiro: Great idea, Luna.

Princess Luna: Some paints should do it.

Princess Yuna: Are you sure about it?

Princess Luna: Yuna, sweetheart, What would a princess like you do with out even a perfect royal room?

(Princess Luna started painting)

Hiro: Do you think blue suits her, Luna?

Princess Luna: Not to worry, Hiro, It's the same color we had.

Princess Yuna: Mama. How long will it be until we're done remodeling my room?

Princess Luna: Shortly soon, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: Look at them, Papa. You even added white paint stars.

Hiro: Yes, Yuna. They'll be even more beautiful when it glows in the dark.

Princess Yuna: Mama, Papa, can I go and explore Equestria. Please?

Princess Luna: Alright, Have fun, but remember to be back home by Sunset.

Princess Yuna: Alright! Thanks!

Hiro: Yuna sure loves to have fun exploring Equestira. Doesn't she, Luna?

Princess Luna: Yes, she does.

Outside the Canterlot Castle.

Princess Yuna: Let me see. I'll go see Twilight.

She flew to The Friendship Rainbow Kingdom castle.

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