Here is how Yuna all better goes in A Sick Day for Yuna.

Dusty Crophopper: How much does she have so far, Dr. Horse?

Dr. Horse: So far, She still has only one more week.

Tigatron: Your Majesty! Airazor and I have a cure for her sickness from Zecora!

Princess Celestia: Here, Yuna, Take a drink.

Ishani: I hope it works.

Princess Yuna: (drank every last drop) I feel better!

Princess Luna: I'm glad to hear, Daughter.

Princess Yuna: Now, I can go play with my friends again.

Hiro: That's wonderful, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: Thank you, Aunt Celesita, Thank you, Catrina, Thank you, Discord, I'm feeling better already.

Princess Celestia: You're welcome, My Niece.

Princess Yuna: It sure was great getting better for some more fun!

                                                                                     The End

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