Here's how Yuna and Hiccup's nightmares go in Night Furies vs. The Nightmare Family Part 1.

{later on, we see Yuna asleep]

Yuna: [shaking around]

[inside the dream world, we see Yuna wandering in a misty place.]

["Duncan's spooky theme" starts playing]

Yuna: Hello? Is anyone out there? [then she sees a shape of Princess Luna ahead] Mama? Is that you?

???: Mama?

Yuna: huh?

???: You see darling, I am not Pirncess Luna. I am... [turns to reveal something else] NIGHTMARE MOON!!!!

Yuna: [gasp]

Nightmare Moon: And now, it's time for you to feel a nightmare. [evil giggles]

Yuna: NO! NO!! NOO!!!

[in reality, Yuna wakes up screaming]

Nightstar: [springs up and looks at Yuna]

Yuna: Oh, Nightstar!

Nightstar: [growsl in concern]

Yuna: It's okay, girl. There's nothing to be alarmed of, I'm fine. Go back to sleep. [falls back asleep]

{but Nightstar ins't convinced but goes back to sleep all the same]

{meanwhile, Hiccup is suffering the same fate]

[in the dream world, Hiccup and Astird are flying in the sky]

Hiccup: Fun?

Astrid: Yeah!

Hiccup: When I'm with yu, I'm feel free!

Astird: Same to you, Babe!

[but then the sky darkens as The Haunted Henry theme plays]

Hiccup: What's that?

Astrid: I don't know.

[then lightning stirkes near them!]

Hiccup: WAH!!

Astrid: What the?

then another lightning bolt stirkes Toothless and Stormfly!]


???: So long! have a nice trip!

[they both fall out of the sky]

[back in reality]

Hicuup: [gasp] (panting) Thor Almighty, that was intense!

Toothless: [growls]

Hiccup: It's okay Bud, it was just a dream. [falls back asleep]

Toothless: [growls and then goes back to sleep]

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