Here is how Yuna and her friends hang out in Casa De Discord and Encountering Schwackhammer goes in The Headliners.

That night, the song "Buscando Guayaba" by Ruben Blades started to play.

Discord: Welcome to Casa De Discord! How may I serve you?

Princess Sharon: I would like to have a Lemonade Smoothie. What would you foals have?

Princess Yuna: I would like to have Peach Mango.

Snowdrop: I would like to have Coconut.

Princess Skyla: I'll have Strawberry Kiwi.

The Royal Crusaders: The banana splits smoothie!

Nyx: Make that Blackberry.

Zeñorita Cebra: Make mine Raspberry Lemonade.

Princess Twila: Pink Lemonade.

Princess Lilly Sparkle Rose: Blue Raspberry.

Golden Apple: Make that Banana.

Thunder Spectrum: Frozen Black Cherry.

Blue Star: Grape.

Sunbeam: Raspberry.

Brownie: Wild Berry.

Red Beret: Cherry.

Arachna: Papaya.

Dragonsly: Watermelon.

Emerald: Green Apple Lemonade.

Golden Scissor: Golden Grape.

Bronze Bracelet: Green Apple.

Discord: Catrina's got you covered.

Catrina: Coming right up!

Discord: It's on the house!

The foals enjoyed their Smoothies.

Princess Yuna: Wow, Thunder. Your frozen black cherry made your tongue all black.

Thunder Spectrum: It sure does!

When Suddenly.

Johnny J. Worthington, III: Yeah, that's them, Mr. Swackhammer.

Mr. Swackhammer: Princess Yuna? What were you twerps doing on my field today? 

Princess Yuna: We were just hitting balls. Johnny and the gang showed up and we scrimmaged them.

Snowdrop: We were playing baseball to have fun.

Mr. Swackhammer: That is priceless. A bunch of pipsqueak foals playing baseball.

Prince Edmond: How's that priceless?

Daffodil: And Why is that so funny?

Mr. Swackhammer: Because they should stick to what they know, You kids, stay away from my field... ...or I'll have Johnny kick your butts.

Princess Skyla: Nice meeting you, Whacked-Hammer.

Mr. Swackhammer: What was that?

Princess Yuna: Well, you called us names. I thought we'd call you one. Whacked-Hammer.

Mr. Swackhammer: Oh, really?

Princess Skyla: Really.

Mr. Swackhammer: Okay, Yuna Puna and Skyla Cryla!

Princess Yuna: Wow, that was a brutal comeback. Let's go, guys. I don't think I'll ever recover from that.

Mr. Swackhammer: You stay off my field.

Pound Cake: Don't get whacked, Swack! (laughs)

Pumpkin Cake: (laughs) Good one, Pound Cake, (high hoofed her brother)

Chet Alexander: (giggles) Whacked-Hammer?

Mr. Swackhammer: Shut up, Chet!

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