Here is how Yuna and the girls Sticking Together, An Army Marching to Armageddor and Met up with Hunter goes in Yuna and the Three Kingdoms.

With Yuna, Snowdrop, Skyla, Twila and Sméagol.

Sméagol: Come on, Princesses. This way!

Princess Yuna: Don't go to far ahead, Smeagol!

Snowdrop: I still don't know how much further we are now!

Princess Twila: Look!

There, They've discovered a dark army.

Princess Twila: Smeagol, Who are they?

Sméagol: Wicked army of Goblinses, Uruk-Hai and Orcses. Servants of Chernabog. They are called to Armageddor. The Dark One is gathering all armies to him. It won't be long now, He will soon be ready.

Princess Skyla: Ready to do what?

Sméagol: To make his war. The last war that will cover all the worlds in Shadow.

Princess Yuna: We have to get moving. Come on.

Then, Snowdrop heard a growl.

Snowdrop: Listen! I hear something!

Princess Twila: I hear it too. Look!

Then, Came the Indominus Rex.

Princess Skyla: It's an Indominus Rex. No one in home will believe this.

As they heard a calling distance, Smeagol backed away.

Princess Yuna: Smeagol? Where're you going?

Princess Twila: Yuna! Look!

Arrows are everywhere taking down a few Goblins, Orcs and Uruks and took down one Indominus Rex.

Princess Yuna: We've lingered here too long. Come on.

Suddenly, They were ambushed by the Avalar Cheetah Archers.

Hunter: Halt! Who goes there?!

Princess Skyla: Don't hurt us! We're innocent!

Hunter: You're innocent?

Princess Yuna: Yes!

Hunter: Archers! Stand Down!

Cheetah Archers: (standing down)

Hunter: (lower his hood) Princess Yuna?

Princess Yuna: Hunter?

Hunter: It is good to see you again.

Princess Yuna: Great to see you too.

Princess Skyla: Hunter!

Snowdrop: What're you doing here?

Hunter: There's no time to explain. I must take you to our camp where it's safe.

Princess Yuna: Okay. Come on, Girls.

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