Here is how Yuna in Heaven and Meeting friends in the Afterlife goes in The Journey Back to Life Part 1.

In Heaven, Yuna was waking up seeing the gateway.

Princess Yuna: (open her eyes and sees the gateway to heaven) Where am I?

Voice: Hello, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: Doc Hudson!

Doc Hudson: That's right, Kiddo. You're in heaven.

Princess Yuna: Who else are in heaven?

Tadashi Hamada: I am.

Princess Yuna: Tadashi Hamada!

Tadashi Hamada: That's right, Yuna. I heard you became friends with my brother.

Nick Loopin'-Lopez: I heard my buddy became a firefighter.

King William: I've heard about Derek and Odette's wedding and adopted daughter.

Princess Yuna: You've heard correctly. I need some help. I don't have much time.

Mufasa: Need any help?

Thundering Rhino: We are at your service, Princess Yuna.

Oogway: And look who else is here.

Queen Starshine: Princess Yuna.

Princess Yuna: Grandma Starshine!

Emperor Lunarlight: If it isn't our great granddaughter!

Princess Yuna: Grandpa Lunarlight! Grandma Moonbeam!

Empress Moonbeam: Yes, Granddaughter. We've discovered your sacrifice for Snowdrop.

Princess Yuna: But how?

Doc Hudson: It was God who showed us everything he sees, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: Really?

Sir Lionel: Yes, Princess Yuna. There are much greater things you've done that has never been possible before.

Princess Yuna: But how'll I get back to my home and back to life?

Oogway: There is one being who can help you be revived.

Princess Yuna: Who?

Oogway: Go and see La Muerte. She's here in the Land of the Remembered.

Soon, Yuna seen the Land of the Remembered, populated by La Muerte. Including Titanic's family, Britannic's family, and others from heaven.

Princess Yuna: Thank you, Oogway. Thank you all very much!

Oogway: You're welcome.

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