Yuna in Little Golden Book Land is a movie in Yuna's Princess Adventure.


Princess Yuna is traveling to a strange world known as Little Golden Book Land where she'll encounter some new faces and go on a magical adventure of a lifetime.



  • This movie takes place before All Grown Equstria!.
  • This movie is a mixture of Thomas and the Magic Railroad and Wreck-It Ralph.


  1. Music score - Main Title (from Thomas and the Magic Railroad)
  2. Shining Time -
  3. Music score - Burnett and Lady (from Thomas and the Magic Railroad)
  4. Music score - Diesel 10 and Splodge (from Thomas and the Magic Railroad)
  5. I Know How the Moon Must Feel - Danya Manning
  6. Music score - Diesel 10 Threatens Mr. C (from Thomas and the Magic Railroad)
  7. Music score - Lily Travels to Sodor (from Thomas and the Magic Railroad)
  8. Music score - Turbo Flashback (from Wreck-It Ralph)
  9. Music score - Broken-Karted (from Wreck-It Ralph)
  10. Music score -
  11. Music score - Chase (from Thomas and the Magic Railroad)
  12. Music score - Train Chase (from Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers)
  13. Music score - Sugar Rush Showdown (from Wreck-It Ralph)
  14. Music score - You're My Hero (from Wreck-It Ralph)
  15. Music score - Dogfight (from Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit)


  1. Opening/The story begins
  2. Somewhere in Canterlot High
  3. Yuna and Dusty tries to figure the mystery out
  4. Back at Canterlot High
  5. Lady the Magic Engine
  6. Tirek's Plan
  7. Night at the Club/Jiminy's Dream
  8. Human Twilight and her friends travel
  9. Felix's story of Turbo
  10. Yuna and Dusty destroys Vanellope's Kart

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