Here is how Yuna begins searching for her friends in Genesis World.

Later, Yuna searched for her cousins and friends. At last, She found them at the Gentle Giant Petting Zoo.

Princess Yuna: Guys!

Snowdrop: Yuna?

Princess Skyla: What's going on?

Princess Yuna: Listen, There was a giant snake, The Piranhaconda on the loose. Dawn is out of her enclosure.

Moon Starlight: Oh dear!

Emerald: This can't be good!

Princess Twila: What'll we do?

Princess Skyla: We can't panic now! Royal Crusaders. Go and get help!

Scander: We're on it, Sis.

Princess Yuna: Wait, Where're Alexis and Jim?

Meanwhile, Alexis and Jim were enjoying the ride in the Gyrosphere.

Alexis: Well, This sure is fun.

Jim: You bet, Sis.

Alexis: If Grandpa could see us now.

Alexis and Jim traveled through the grassland in the Gyrosphere.

Back in the lab, Radcliffe was checking the GPS.

Radcliffe: Are you sure, Yuna?

Microscope: The Piranhaconda isn't even a prehistoric beast.

Lilliana: How did it even get here?

Princess Yuna: I don't know.

Snowdrop: Who told you about any danger in Genesis World?

Princess Yuna: Snap Shot and Food Fight did.

Lilliana turns her head to the GPS.

Princess Yuna: Evacuate the island!

At the docks, The S.S. Headliner crew arrived just in time along with the S.S. Headliner II crew.

Mickey Mouse: It's a good thing we came just in time.

Panchito: Si, Senor Mickey.

Jose Carocia: At least we didn't encounter...

SpongeBob SquarePants: Don't say it!

Princess Yuna: The Piranhaconda? You've seen it?

Gary the Snail: Meow.

Gremlin Gus: At least it's Not Prescott.

Princess Yuna: I'm glad you guys could come in such short notice. There are people who need an escort to somewhere safe.

Meanwhile, Alexis and Jim were still on the Gryosphere.

Alexis: This is weird.

Jim: What is it, Alexis?

Alexis: The Mammoths and Mastodon were stampeding for some reasons.

The Mammoths and Mastodon were stampeding thought the grassland area of the park.

Then, a warning video appeared on the screen.

Alexis: The Ride will be shutting down soon. It's telling us to go back.

Jim: I don't get it.

Alexis: Maybe Yuna was trying to warn us to go back

Then, Alexis and Jim saw an open fence and gone through.

Alexis: What're you doing!?

Jim: Taking a shortcut!

Alexis: Jim, Off road!

Jim: They told us to go back!

Alexis: Just Don't Get Us Killed!

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