This is where Yuna shows the difference between Berk and Equestria in The Alliance of Berk and Equestria.

[We see Yuna and Nightstar now flying above the sea]

Yuna: Alright, girl. Let's take this nice and easy.

Nightstar: [growls]

[they fly on as Yuna helps Nightstar guide around rocks and stone towers as they fly on]

Yuna: Okay, get ready.

Nightstar: (gets ready for the next part)

Yuna: Right. 4 degrees left. Now 5 degrees right.

[as Yuna give direction, Nightstar follows each one]

Yuna: Come along, girl. Come on, Girl!

[they continue flying around]

Yuna: Yes, it's working fantastic!

[Yuna accidentally flies Nightstar into one of the sea stacks.]

Yuna: Sorry.

[and then into another sea stack]

Yuna: My bad.

Nightstar: [smacks Yuna with her ear]

Yuna: Oh! I'm on it. Position four, uh, three. Yeah!

[Nightstar starts flying up to the skies]

Yuna: Yes! Oh, this is amazing! The wind in my...

[her digram flies away]


[she tries to catch it, but unhooks the safety cord and falls.]

Yuna: NOOOOOO!!! Oh, gosh! Oh, monshine! Oh, no!

[Nightstar then flies after trying to catch up]

Yuna: Alright! You gotta kind angle yourself! Okay, no, no, no... come back down towards me! Come back down--

[She tries to get back on the saddle, getting smacked with Nightstar's tail in the process.]

Yuna: YOW!

[Finally reattaching, Yuna helsp guide Nghtstar around the rocks and they wing it]

Yuna: YEAH!!

Nightstar: [roars]

Yuna: This is great! I've got the hang of it now! [gets an idea] I think I'll go see Hiccup and Toothless in Berk. [to Nightstar] Come on, let's head this way.

[they turn around and make way for the passage to Berk]

Yuna: There is it, Berk!

Nightstar: [snarls]

Yuna: I know.

Nightstar: [flies above the town as viking around notice them]

Yuna: Hello!

Vikings: [see Yuna]

Nightstar: [growls]

Yuna: Now, to find Hiccup and Toothless.

[The fly around the town to find him]

Yuna: [looking around] Ah, there they are.

[Hiccup and Toothless are near the woods]

[Nightstar then lands and Yuna hops off]

Yuna: Hello.

Hiccup: Oh, hi Yuna.

Yuna: Hey Hiccup.

Hiccup: Who's your friend?

Yuna: Hiccup, Toothless - Nightstar. Nightstar, Hiccup and Toothless.

Nightstar: [grows]

Toothless: [growls]

[the 2 Night Furies look at each other and inspect each other's properties]

Hiccup: You have a Night Fury too?

Yuna: Yeah, except, mine's a girl.

Hiccup: Nice. You hear that Toothless?

Toothless: [nods]

Nightstar: [looks at Toothless]

[the 2 Night Furies then look at each other and then nuzzle each other, growling in content]

Hiccup: I think they like each other now.

Yuna: Yeah.

Hiccup: And that's a good thing because we don't see many Night Furies around that much.

Yuna: Really?

Hiccup: Yeah.

Yuna: Oh my, that's aweful.

Hiccup: Hey, I know a place we can fly to.

Yuna: Where?

Hiccup: Just follow me and Toothless.

[later the 2 are flying in the sky]

Yuna: Where is this place at?

Hiccup: Just keep following us.

[Soon they approach to a small island and land]

Yuna: Wow.

Hiccup: This is the small Island me and Toothless went to when we tested his new tail.

[afterwards they're enjoying a quick lunch break and then Nightstar regurgitates half of a fish and looks at Yuna]

Yuna: No thanks, girls. I'm good.

[just then 6 Terrible Terrors fly in]

[the 2 Night Furies growl as the smaller dragons approach]

[one tries to grab a fish but Toothless growls at him, and then another grabs the half of the fish Nightstar regurgitated and begins eating when another Terrible Terror tries to steal it. But it runs away when the other fires its fire at it]

[Then Nightstar notices one of her fishes moving and it turns out to be another Terrible Terror trying to steal it, but she grabs it and jerks the fish out of its mouth and eats it]

[The smaller dragon prepares to use its fire on Nightstar but Nightstar fire first, igniting the smaller dragon's fire gas]

Yuna: Huh, you guys might be fireproof on the outside, but you're not on the inside. [throws it a fish] Here you are.

[the smaller dragon then eats it and then lays next to Yuna (like a cat)]

Yuna: You know, my mama and others have said dragons are supposed to be ruthless killing machine, but after all this, it turns out everything we know about dragons is wrong.

Hiccup: That's the same thing I discovered a while ago.

Yuna: Whoa. That's something.

Hiccup: I know.

Yuna: My mama and aunt have also been searching for the dragon den near my home for years, in order to put an end to them invade Equestria but they haven't had much luck. How is it that you guys can handle dargons so well?

Hiccup: Well, you can take these notes I wrote if you want. [hands her a book with notes about dragon training techniques]

Yuna: [takes it] Thanks. Well, I'd better be getting back. [hops on Nightstar] See you, Hiccup.

[they fly back to Equestria]

Hiccup: Yeah, see ya.

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