Here is how Princess Yuna spends some time with her mother, Princess Luna in Emerald Helps Out.

Meanwhile, Princess Yuna was relaxing at her throne room.

Princess Yuna: It feels great to rule Skylands.

Snowdrop: I'm off to go for a balloon ride with Stealth Elf.

Princess Yuna: Okay, Snowdrop. Be careful.

Snowdrop left with Stealth Elf when Princess Luna arrived.

Princess Luna: Hello, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: Hi, Mama. (hugged her mother) What're you doing here?

Princess Luna: I just dropped off Isamu at Daycare and thought I could spend some time with you.

Princess Yuna: Oh, Mama. You didn't have to.

Princess Luna: Now, Yuna. It's a mother's job to keep it's little filly happy in anytime of need.

Princess Yuna: Well, If you insist, Mama.

Yuna and Luna spend some great time together as mother and daughter.

Princess Luna: Well, The Tantabus won't be harming anypony tonight.

Princess Yuna: So, How you've been?

Princess Luna: Well, Been trying to avoid the darkness as usual. Let's all get some ice cream.

Princess Yuna: Okay.

So, Luna and Yuna go out for some ice cream.

Princess Luna: (has neapolitan)

Princess Yuna: (has cookies and cream)

Princess Luna: Red car.

Princess Yuna: Blue car.

Princess Luna: Green car.

Princess Yuna: Yellow car.

Princess Luna: Yellow car.

Princess Yuna: No, Red, you cheated!

Princess Luna: Oh, Am I!? (tickles her daughter with her wing)

Princess Yuna: (laughed)

Yuna and Luna played and laughed.

Meanwhile, At the Daycare Center, Emerald was doing a great job playing with the babies.

Emerald: Peek-a-Boo! I see you!

Prince Isamu: (laughed)

Emerald: This is fun. (sniffs) Phew. Catrina! Tyrone and Flashlight needs changing!

Catrina: (with her gloves on) Stacy and I well take care of them, Emerald. Why don't you put the toys they touched into the sterilizing toy bin?

Stacy Hirano: It's important none of the clean babies touch any of them.

Prince Indy: (playing with his blocks)

Emerald picked up some toys touched by Tyrone and Flashlight and puts them in the sterilizing toy bin.

Emerald: All done.

Peg Pete: Did you kept your eye on the babies.

Emerald: All my two sharp eyes, Peg.

Peg Pete: Very well done, Emerald. It's a good thing too. (looks at Sebeena) Because we don't want you sick, Do we? No we don't, Sebeena.

Sebeena Crophopper: (giggles)

Emerald brings the toys from the bin to the wash room.

Emerald: Here they are, Sylvia.

Sylvia Marpole: Thank you, Emerald. That is a very responsible thing to do.

Emerald: You think so?

Candace Flynn: We know so, Emerald. (goes and played with Anna) Aren't you so cute, Anna? (tickles her) Yes you are.

Princess Anna: (giggles)

Catrina: (finished changing Tyrone's diaper) There you go, Tyrone. All clean and ready to play again, Yes.

Prince Tyrone: (laughs)

Stacy Hirano: (finished changing Flashlight's diaper) There now, All done.

Prince Flashlight: (laughs)

Emerald: Don't forget to wash your hands.

Catrina: (as she and Stacy washes their hands) Thank you, Emerald.

Later, It was snacktime for the babies.

Emerald: Okay, It's snacktime.

Emerald brought out the babies' favorite snack.

Prince Isamu: (eating his favorite applesauce)

Sebeena Crophopper: (heating her favorite grapes)

Emerald: Boy, They sure are a little hungry.

The Snacktime is over.

Emerald: (puts the messy dishes on the sank) Everything's cleared out, Catrina.

Catrina: Great job, Emerald. Now, Why don't you go on and play with babies again.

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