Here is how Princess Yuna gives Lawrence Talbot her trust in Werewolf vs Werecat Part 2.

Meanwhile, With Yuna and the others.

Nyx: You were a Werewolf!?

Lawrence Talbot: Yes.

Zorch: And yet you were trying to protect us.

RC: (screeching)

Princess Yuna: What happened?

Lawrence Talbot: it started a long time ago.

(During flashbacks)

Lawrence Talbot: (narrating) I was at Talbot Hall. I loaded a gun with Silver bullets, but when I attempted to shoot my father, I learned that he secretly removed the powder from the cartridges years ago. When the full moon rises, both of us transformed into werewolves. A vicious fight erupts, and the house is set on fire. I finally killed my father The Werewolf who had bitten me, but my beloved Gwen arrived hoping to save me, followed by Inspector Francis Aberline, who attempted to shoot me. Gwen disrupted the shot and fled with Aberline's revolver. I've bitten Aberline before pursuing Gwen, eventually trapping her above a gorge. She pleads with me, whose consciousness recognises her. As I hesitates, the hunters approach and I turned to look at them. Gwen picks up the revolver and shot me with a silver bullet. I reverted to my own self and died. Aberline arrived with the hunters, but as he looked at the moon, he realized his inevitable fate.

(end of flashbacks)

Lawrence Talbot: But after 110 years, I was reincarnated by the night of the Full Moon and your Aunt, Princess Celestia regained my memories of the past and your mother helped gain control of my transformation that way I will use my Werewolf form to protect others from suffering the fate of the corrupt Werecats, They go by the names of Simone Lenoir, Lena Dupree and Jacques.

Princess Yuna: Whoa.

Krader: So, Simone, Lena and Jacques were evil werecats.

Dusty Crophopper: It can't be!

Ishani: Can it?

Woody: It this true?

Lawrence Talbot: I'm afraid so, They were leading their victims into a trap and feast the lives out of them, Now I need you all to trust me and help destroy these beast before it's too late and your friends and families will suffer that fate as well.

Princess Yuna: NO!

Snowdrop: Not Luna!

Lawrence Talbot: Princess Yuna, Do you trust me?

Princess Yuna: Let's do it!

With the others.

Private: How'll we get out of this mess?

Brain: I have no idea.

Scamper: I really don't like getting killed.

Pinkie Pie: Get us out of here!

Jeffery Dragonheart: Pinkie Pie, Get a hold of yourself.

Stuart Little: We gotta get out of here.

Snowbell: How? These Werecats are gonna suck the lives out of us.

Monty: What'll we do now?

Margalo: Let's hope Yuna and the others are okay.

Applejack: I hope so, Margalo.

Stuart Little: Me too.

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