Here is how Yuna vs Quickstrike and Back to Tartarus for the Predacons goes in The Journey Back to Life Part 2.

Princess Yuna: Did you miss me, Quickstrike?

Quickstrike: Princess Yuna!? I thought you were dead!

Princess Yuna: That's right. But now, I'm back and better than ever!

Quickstrike: Then, Let's see if you can dodge this! (whips his cobra whip as Yuna dodged)

Princess Yuna: Is that the best you got?

Quickstrike: What in thunderation!?

Princess Yuna: (blast him with her magic)

Quickstrike: D'oh!

Then, Yuna opens the portal.

Princess Yuna: It's over, Megatron! You and the Predacons are threw!

Megatron: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Princess Luna: Well done, Yuna!

Princess Yuna: Thanks, Mama!

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