Pacha: Uh, excuse me. We're here to see Emperor Kuzco. You see, I got this summons.

Guard: Inside, up the stairs and to the left. Just follow the signs.

Pacha: Oh, great. Thanks a lot. 

Franklin: Thank you for letting us come with you, Pacha. 

Pacha: You are welcome, Franklin. 

Beaver: I think the emperor might be nice. 

Rabbit: The emperor sure is real. 

Franklin's dad: Let's go in there. 

Kuzco: (narrating) Uh, and don't be fooled by the folksy peasant look.

(The sandal drops)

Einstein: Did that sandal just fell off?

Old man: Uh, pardon me. That's mine.

Pacha: Oh, here you go.

Old man: Thank you.

Pacha: You're welcome.

Francis: Uh, Pacha, I think that old man need your help.

Pacha: Uh! Oh, hey. Are you all right? Here. Let me, uh...

Old man: Oh, you're so very kind.

Pacha: What happened?

Old man: Well, I...I threw off the emperor's groove.

Pacha: What?

Old man: His groove, the rhythm in which he lives his life, his pattern of behavior.

Bear: Did the emperor push you out?

Old man: No. I threw it off, and the emperor had me thrown out the window.

Rabbit: (in Adult Thumper's voice) Gosh! That's awful.

Alexander: (in Adult Flower's voice) Gee wiz.

Bear: (in Adult Bambi's voice) Terrible.

Franklin: (in Scarecrow's voice) Oh, that's too bad.

Pacha: Oh, really? I'm supposed to see him today.

Old man: Don't throw off his groove!

Pacha: Oh, okay.

Old man: Beware the groove.

Leonard: (in Pacha's voice) Hey, are you gonna be all right?

Old man: Groove.

Celeste: I hope he will be okay.

Babar: Well, guys, (in Thomas O'Malley's voice) we've got to to get movin'.

Kuzco: (narrating) You see what I mean? These guys are trouble, but as bad as they are...they're nothing compared to what's coming up next.

Yzma: And why have you come here today?

Man: Well, Y-Your Highness...I mean, Your Grace.

Kuzco: (narrating) Okay, gang. Check out this piece of work. This is Yzma, the emperor's proof that dinosaurs once roamed the Earth. And let's not forget Yzma's right-hand man. Every decade or so she gets a new one. This year's model is called Kronk.

Kronk: Yeah, I got that there, Yzma.

Kuzco: (narrating) Yep, that's Kronk. Now lately, Yzma's gotten into this bad habit...of trying to run the country behind my back...and I'm thinkin' that's got to stop.

Yzma: It is no concern of mine whether your family has...What was it again?

Man: Um, food.

Yzma: Ha! You really should have thought of that before you became peasants. We're through here. Take him away. Next!

Man: But l... (Guards grab him) Oh, okay.

(They take him out)

Kuzco: (narrating) The nerve of some of those peasants, huh?

Yzma: Tell me about it.

Kuzco: Hi there.

Yzma: Oh, Your Highness.

Kuzco: Uh, you were doing it again.

Yzma: Doing? Doing... (taking off her cape) Doing... Doing what?

Kuzco: Doing my job. I'm the emperor and you're the emperor's advisor. Remember that?

Yzma: But, Your Highness, I was only dealing with meaningless peasant matters.

Kuzco: (narrating) Whoa. Look at these wrinkles. What is holding this woman together? What the... How long has that been there?

Kronk: Good thinkin', Yzma. What do you say, Kuzco?

Kuzco: Whoa! No touchy! No touchy. No touch.

Man: Uh, excuse me, Your Highness. The village leader and his friends are here to see you.

Kuzco: Oh, great. Send them in. Oh, and by the way, you're fired.

Yzma: Fired? W-W-What do you mean, fired?

Kuzco: Um, how else can I say it? You're being let go...your department's being downsized, you're part of an outplacement...we're going in a different direction, we're not picking up your option. Take your pick. I got more.

Yzma: But l... You, uh... (sits down) But... But, Your Highness, I have been nothing if not loyal to the empire...for-for-for many, many years.

Kuzco: Hey, everybody hits their stride. You just hit yours years ago. So, who's in my chair?

Kronk: Oh, oh! I know! Yzma. Yzma's in your chair, right?

Kuzco: Very good, Kronk. Here. Get the snack. (throws the snack)

Kronk: Got it. (tries to catch it and jumps before he falls)

Kuzco: Okay, you heard the man. Up, up, up.

Kronk: I'm okay. I'm fine.

(Yzma leaves murmuring)

(Kuzco sits on the throne sighing)

Kuzco: Okay. Show them in.

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