Zane, originally a robot, is the White Ninja of Ice in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.


In the Series

Zane was a robot created by a human and was given a Falcon companion. When Zane discovered it, he thought that he was just a human. But as time went on, Zane began to learn more and more about his past. Eventually, when he fully understood why he was so different compared to the other Ninjas, he was shocked. He even had a sister named P.I.X.E.L. Zane was shocked and horrified at the same time.

In Zane Returns

Zane reappears in Zane Returns, where Mini-Con Fixit first discovers him as a robot. He becomes great friends with Thomas, Twilight and their adventures team. Zane tells them about his past and who he once was. He later helps rescue Bumblebee from the evil Dazzlings and teaches Optimus how to use Ninja-Go. Zane is also granted the post of being Theodore's guardian at the end and becomes part of the adventures team. Zane also


  • Zane reappears in Transformersprimefan's new film: Zane Returns.
  • Zane will be granted the post of Theodore Tugboat's guardian at the end of Zane Returns.
  • Zane will meet Ryan in Thomas and the Masters of Spinjitzu.

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