Zarok (EG) is a Crystal Prep Shadowbolt and the human counterpart of the sorcerer Zarok from the Medievil games.


Zarok (EG) was a friend to Sir Daniel Fortesque (EG) but then when he witnessed the Human Mane 5 pony-up, he decides that he should have that power for himself and manages to find Zarok's staff and talks Sci-Twi into gathering all the magic she can so he and Bertram (Bad clone) can take the human world and other worlds for their own. He then tells Sci-Twi that he will help her understand magic and Bertram (Bad clone) to put on the Foundation Gauntlet at the final event of the games and then tells Sci-Twi to do as Principle Cinch and the Shadowbolts (except Sci-Ryan) tell her and she unleashed the magic from her amulet while Bertram (bad clone) put on the Foundation Gauntlet. Ryan and Matau tried to help Sci-Twi but gets engulfed by the magic with her and Zarok uses his video game counterpart's staff to lift himself to Bertram (bad clone) and the magic. Zarok then tells Midnight Sparkle that he will help her understand Equestria's magic and help Bertranos to get Sunset to his side so she can rule Equestria. Thomas and Dan (EG) stopped Zarok's plan while Daydream Ryan, Bertram and the Rigitron smashes the Foundation Gauntlet and Midnight fights Daydream Shimmer and Dark Ryan F-Freeman but with the help of Daydream Ryan, Spike the Dog and Bertram, she is defeated and turned back into Sci-Twi. Zarok is angry and leaves with Principle Cinch to make Ryan and his friends pay for ruining his plan. Thomas said to Ryan that Zarok don't want to learn about friendship and he will "try to get revenge" and will not stop untill he gets it.



  • Zarok (EG) will make his first appearance in
  • Zarok (EG) will be Ryan's, Crash's and ther friends' enemy in The NEXO Races.


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