Here's how Zecora faces the Nightmare Family and Chrysalis in Revenge of the Nightmare Family & Changling Queen.

[Brian appears as a hologram to the Nightmare Family, Chrysalis, and Discord]

Brian: [on hologram] The droid leaders, the Crust, and Biskits have been taken care of, my Master.

King Sombra: It is over. You have brought peace and justice to the galaxy. Now, send a message to our army of Changelings to attack Cloud City, immendatley!

Brian: [on hologram] Yes, my Lord.

[As the hologram cuts off, Zecora walks in]

Zecora: [knocks out the guards] I hear you have a new apprentice, King Sombra, but it won't be good enough to stop this zebra.

Nightmare Moon: Mastress Zecora. You suvived.

Zecora: Surprised to see me? After the Changlings did their killing Spree?

King Sombra: No, just dissappointed. Your arrogance blinds you, Mastress Zecora.

Nightmare Moon: Now you will experience the full power of the Dark Side!

[then Nightmare Moon Force Lightning Zaps Zecora and sends her flying back into the wall]

Nightmare Moon: [cackles]

[we then view the main ship still speeding in space]

Eddy: Hurry, that Changling Army could be halfway to Cloud City by now!

Edd: We best prepare for battle.

Tune: Alright, we're going to lightspeed.

[the shuttle then speeds right through space at Lightspeed]

[back with Zecora, The Nightmares, Chrysalis, and Discord]

["Duel of the Fates" starts playing]

King Sombra: We've been waiting for this moment for a long time. Our little striped friend.

[as Sombra evilly laughs, Zecora soon gets back on her feet]

Nightmare Moon: [cackles] At last, the Jedi are no more!

Zecora: Not, if I have anything to say about that! [Force shoves them]

Queen Chrysalis: AAH!!

[the four fly back and slam into the throne chair]

Zecora: Your evil rule comes to an end now. the Sith taking over is not what I will allow!

[they then Force leap towards the door but Zecora Force leaps and blocks them]

Zecora: [unclips her Lightsaber] If you 4 are so powerful, then why leave when your one chance to kill me yourselves is availible? (ignites her Lightsaber)

King Sombra: You will not stop us. Darth Manacore will become more powerful than any of us! [draws and ignites his Darksaber]

Nightmare Moon: And soon my own apprentice Nightmare Hiro will become just as powerful too! [Force deploys both her sabers and ignites them]

[then Chrysalis and Discord draw and ignite their Changling Sabers]

Zecora: Faith in your new apprentice may be misplaced, as your faith in the Dark Side will all go to waste!

[they all start clashing sabers, and they go up on a balcony]

[as they continue battling on the Balcony They Force leap into the siding where all the trucks of stone rubble are, and Zecora leaps onto a singal tower, and then Nightmare Moon starting Force throws the trucks one-by-one at Zecora, as Zecora Force Leaps out of the way of each truck.]

Big Troublesome Truck: Hey, throw me next!

[And then King Sombra throws the truck at Zecora]

Zecora: [extingiushes her Saber and clips it back on her belt as she stops the truck and then starts spinning it around and then she Force trows it back at the 4]

Discord: Oh no.

[the Truck slams into them and sends them flying back into one of the castle pillars and they land on the balcony as the truck fall back to the ground]

Zecora; [Force Leaps onto the edge of the balcony and ignites her Saber]

[Then Nigfhtmare Moon fires Force Lightning at Zecora, but Zecora blocks it with her hoof, (as she reclips her saber to her belt) then uses her other hoof to block it and then King Sombra joins in firing Force Lightning, as Discord and Chrysalis use beams of magic too. After a long hold it explodes, which sends the 5 flying back as Zecora lands on another Singal tower and slips off it, as King Sombra cackles]

Zecora: [into com-radio] Figge, I need a transport, but becareful, Those darklords might see you appear in the port!

Figge: [on radio] I'm on my way!

Changeling: There's no sign of her body.

Discord: Then she's not dead.

Queen Chrysalis: Double your search!

Changeling: Yes m'am! [flies away]

[meanwhile, Zecora sneaks her way to a docking port where Figge is waiting, and she jumps in]

Zecora: Head for Cloud City, we must help to fight the Army before all is put to pity!

Figge: Right!

[Figge's shuttle then speeds away and straight for Cloud City]

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