This is how Zeta Prime vs. Lord Starkiller goes in My Little Pony Transformers: Attack of the Clones.

[Zeta arrvies]

Lord Starkiller: Zeta Prime.

Zeta Prime: Lord Starkiller.

Lord Starkiller: You have interfered with our affairs for the last time.

[Starkiller uses the Force to make parts fly at Zeta, but Zeta uses the Force to move them out of the way. He then uses the Force to try and bring the ceiling down on Zeta, but Zeta Prime moves them out of the way]

Zeta Prime: You have become powerful, Lord Starkiller. I sense the dark side in you.

Lord Starkiller: I have become more powerful then any hero. [raises his hand and fires Force Lightning at Zeta] Even you.

[Zeta uses his hand to block the lightning then fires it back at Starkiller, who raises his hand and redirects the Force Lightning to the ceiling. Lord Starkiller fires Force Lightning at Zeta again and Zeta blocks it]

Zeta Prime: You still have much to learn.

Lord Starkiller: It is obvious that this contest cannot be decided by our knowledge of the Force. [activates his Keyblade] But by our skills with a Keyblade.

[They then continue to battle]

[We see Dan Phantom loading the Sith Keyblade Masters onto a transport ship]

[Zeta Prime and Lord Starkiller continue their duel, with Zeta gaining the upper hand]

Zeta Prime: You have fought well, my old Padawan.

Lord Starkiller: This is just the beginning.

[Lord Starkiller uses the Force to try and drop a rock column on top of Ryan and Twilight]

[Zeta is forced to let his enemy get away as he uses his powers to stop the column]

[Lord Starkiller gets away on a star speeder]

[Flash and some Equestrian Troopers arrive]

Flash Sentry: Twilight! [runs over to her]

[Zeta Prime sits down, exhausted from the battle]

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