ZigZag the Grand Vizer (voiced by the late Vincent Price, who was well known for the voice of Ratigan in The Great Mouse Detective and January Q. Irontail in Here Comes Peter Cottentail) was the main villain in Winnie the Pooh Meets The Thief and the Cobbler, He was the treacherous, rhyming grand vizier who plotted to take over Baghad from King Nod. But he failed several times and ended up having to ally himself with the evil One-Eye. Zig Zag's reign of terror was ended when Tack threw one of his pins at the black horse Zig Zag was riding on. He started to grab Princess Yum-Yum, but the Princess threw him out of his horse. He and Tack start to fight and Tack used his shoemaking skills by tying The Vizier. The Vizier stepped on one of Tack's pins and fell into an alligator pit and eaten by alligators and an ever-revenge-hungry vulture named Fido.