This is where Zoe's collar breaks in The Great Dog Caper.

[Later that day]

Zoe Trent: I'm so excited. [is gathering some of her stuff] Manehatten, make way for Zoe Trent! [she is about to race to get something else, but she feels a jerk] Huh? What the?

[her collar is caught]

Zoe Trent: [gasp] I'm stuck! [tries to pull free but has no luck] I'm really stuck! Help! Help! I'm Stuck! Help!

Blythe: [races in] Zoe, what's wrong!?

Zoe Trent: Blythe, my collar's stuck! And I can't get get loose! Help me!

Blythe: Calm down, Zoe! I'm help you. [grabs Zoe's collar] On 3. 1.. 2.. 3! [pulls but her collar doesn't come loose] Uh, it's really stuck. Okay, again. 1.. 2.. 3! [she pulls harder on Zoe's collar, but then a ripping sound is heard as it comes off]

Zoe Trent: What was that?

Blythe: [looks down and sees a tear in Zoe's collar] Oh no.

Zoe Trent: What? What's wrong, darling?

Blythe: Your collar.

Zoe Trent: My collar? What's wrong with my collar?!

Blythe: It's been ripped.

Zoe Trent: RIPPED!?

Blythe: Yeah.

Zoe Trent: [sees the rip] My collar! My precious collar!

Blythe: Uh, Zoe. I hate to say this, but I don't think I can take you to Manehatten after all.

Zoe Trent: [gasp] WHAT?!?!

Blythe: With your collar ripped, it would be too riskey to take you in a big city like Manehatten. If you lost your collar, then you'd be caught by the dogcatcher. I'm sorry, Zoe. But it's for your own safety.

Zoe Trent: Okay, I understand. [whimpers silently]

Blythe: [pets Zoe] I'm really sorry, Zoe. I know you were looking forward to this.

Zoe Trent: [sighs]

[Zoe sadly goes over to one of the pet stands and sadly sits on it]

Fluttershy: [comes in the room]

Blythe: I wanna thank you again for watching the pets, Fluttershy.

Fluttershy: My pleasure Blythe. have a nice trip.

Bythe: Oh also, Zoe's collar's broken so I can't take her with me. And she's feeling really sad.

Fluttershy: Oh my, I'll be sure to tend to Zoe.

[Blythe then leaves]

[Zoe is still on the perch as the others look up at her]

Sunil Nevla: What happened?

Vinnie Terrio: Zoe's collar broke.

Opal: And now she can't go with Blythe.

Sunil Nevla: [gasps]

Zoe Trent: [looks at the window]

[she watches as Blythe leaves on her motorscooter]

Zoe Trent: [sadly lays on her belly and sighs]

[the others all gather and look up at her]

Winona: Zoe?

Penny Ling: Zoe? Are you okay?

Zoe Trent: [Slips back]

Splinter: Poor girl.

Chomper: Aye.

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