This is how Zoe's missing hat goes in The Great Dog Caper.

Sunil Nevla: What?! No!  NO! No, no, no, no, no!

Timber: Ooh, you almost had him.

Sunil Nevla: It is no use, I am never gonna beat Ripslinger!

Splinter: Yes ya will, Sunil. Infact you're a better Dusty than any of us are.

Sunil Nevla: But look at my short arms! I cannot just press the machine gun button and jump fly at the same time!

[Then the camera zooms to Zoe Trent, who is searching for something]

Zoe Trent: Where is it?

Chomper: Uh, Zoe?

Zoe Trent: Huh? [hits her head on a lamp] OW! Aah! [then she falls down]

Russel Furgunson: Hang on, Zoe! [flies in and grabs her] Zoe, you okay?

Zoe Trent: Yes! I'm fine, make sure everyone is fine, okay? Okay!

Russel Furgunson: Zoe, you still haven't find your beret, have you?

Zoe Trent: NO!! And Blythe's leaving for Manehatten any minute now. I CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE!!

Russell Furgunson: Don't worry, Zoe. In just a short time, you'll be sitting with Blythe in a fancy hotel living the lack of luxeory.

Zoe Trent: It's Lap of Luxeory, Russel.

Russel Furgunson: Oh, yes. Has any one have found Zoe's hat yet?!

Tank: No, still searching!

Angel Bunny: [comes in] It's not in the kitchen, we've look everywhere!

Minka Mark: I find it!

Zoe Trent: You find my beret?

Minka Mink: Your beret? Nope. I lost one of my paintbrushes.

Zoe Trent: Great, this is the first time I'm gonna miss a trip to Manehatten this year, all because of my stupid beret!

Owlicious: Hoot hoot!

Zoe Trent: Don't be silly, my beret isn't under my collar.

Owlicious: Hoot hoot!

Zoe Trent: [sighs] See, no beret. Just a picture of my friends that me and Blythe made.

Owlicious: Hoo. Hoo.

Zoe Trent: I'm sorry Owlicious. It's just that I've been looking forward to this. It's been a while since I've been to Manehatten. Ever since I went with James to rescue Rarity from Suri Polomare.

Owlicious: Hoo. Hoo.

Zoe Trent: I guess you're right.


Sunil Nevla: [is in a tug-of-war of some chicks with the game controller] Hey, can someone please call off these chicks!

Mother Chicken: [clucks angrily]

[the chicks let go]

Sunil Nevla: GAH! [hits the remote]

[Burke and Blair come on]

Burke: Hey kids! I'm Burke

Blair: And I'm, Blair!

Burke: From "Burke and Blair's Scapeyard"

Sunil Nevla: WAAH!!!

Blair: Mr. Burke, let's see what we got.

Burke: We've got all kinds of different items up for grabs here such as...

Opal: Sunil, turn the TV off! Fluttershy will hear it!

Sinil Nevla: I don't know, which is off! [pressing random buttons]

Falcon: Oh for goodness sake, it's this one! [turns off TV] I hate those 2 tugs. Cause I know they want to deal with O.J..

Winona: Hey, guys. I get some good news and bad news.

Penny Ling: What's up?

Winona: Firstly, I find your beret Zoe.

Zoe Trent: [gasp] My beret! [puts it back on] Thank you so much darling! Where'd you find it?

Winona: Well, that's the bad news.

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