Mew Zoey

Zoey in her Mew Mew form with her Strawberry Bell.

Zoey Mew Mark

Zoey's Mew Mew Mark.

Zoey Hanson is the main protagonist of Mew Mew Power. Her DNA is merged with an Iriomote Wild Cat. She is an old friend of Serena (Sailor Moon), Natalie Blackstone (Cure Black) and Emily (Glitter Lucky). She has a crush on a guy named Mark. She also has a Mew Mew mark on the left side of her right thigh. She is well-known for her slogan after transforming to her Mew Mew form, "Mew Mew style, Mew Mew grace, Mew Mew power in your face" and her cat ears and tail tend to pop out when she's with Mark, mad at Elliot or when she gets scared.


  • Zoe will make her first appearance in Tino's Adventures of Starchaser: The Legend of Orin, and joins the Weekenders Adventures Team at the end of the film.
  • She is voiced by Laura Bailey.
  • Zoey, Corina, Bridget, Kiki and Renee will join Sarah West and Cure Rosetta in "Sarah West and Cure Rosetta Meet Dumbo"